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Help ASAP please!!

Just woke up with absolutely horrid stabbing pain near my left hip! I can't get it to relax and go away at all. Do I need to go in? I'm 37+4 and have an appointment at 2pm today with dr but should I go to ER for this?
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And please don't say appendix...appendix is on the right side and usually starts as a cramp higher up towards your belly button getting most severe with time down by your right hip and on rare occasions goes all the way across the abdomen. My pain is specifically the left hip. Not the socket or bone but about 2-2 1/2 inches over (the length of roughly my pointer finger) towards my uterus.
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If your concerned just call your doctor or if it's that severe go in, better safe than sorry . Hope all is well!
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I had the same pain the other day with my right hip. I didn't go to hospital but it hurt bad. I just got up and walked around and called my dr he said the baby was probably on a nerve. He told me to give it time and then go to hospital if it didn't go away.
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So far from what I have read if you are having a boy, that could cause it due to you caring him a little lower it puts more pressure on your sides and back. Also it could be you ligaments from them stretching and making room for the baby. It is complacently normal to have them and some of them can be so painful that you cry when you move. It is expectantly normal for baby's who are setting lower. I would let your doctor know when you go to see them today though. For now, I would try a warm compress.
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I had a pain like that a week ago, same side as you and position. I am having a boy as well so that's strange that you mention that mkristine lol no one told me that when I posted about it. But how I dealt with the pain, was to make myself go to sleep, I know your not comfortable cuz it does really hurt, but like I say I made myself sleep it off and I woke up feeling fine.
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The only thing that helped was leaning against a wall and rocking while the pain was bad. I finally fell asleep but was awoken by the pain again. I called L&D to talk to the on call dr and see what I should do and she said Tylenol and a warm bath and then sleep it off and let my dr know today. So I chugged a bottle of water and took some Tylenol (which never helps me) and found a comfortable spot on the couch to try and sleep. This morning it's more in the middle when it happens and not as often as last nights pain in my hip and I see dr in an hour. It's been a rough morning running after my 20 month old daughter with this pain but I'm the only one who can do it today lol thanks for the input ladies and the advice
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And no I'm having another girl but I guess it could still be baby dropping and getting ready to come on out
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Omg ive been having that pain all morning it would go away for a while but when baby moved it would hurt again i never had this pain with my boy and now im having a girl its like if shes pushing to something inside my side it hurts...
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