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Help scared for my baby. BETA HCG LEVELS HIGH

My daughter is 5 wk and 6 days.  Her hcg level was 18000 today.  She has some slight bleeding last night and ended  up in the er.  Doc did seem concerned that her levels were so high at this point.  Ultrasound was done, no baby seen or gestational sac either.  There was a cyst like mass 7.9 mm that may be the baby according to the doc. This did not concern him, but I'm concerned.  Her levels have more than doubled but here they are

11/18     193
11/25    5000
11/30   17859
Could anyone please tell me if this in a indicator of twins? Also why were they not able to see on the sonagram?
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From what I know - levels doubling is a good sign. Having an ultrasound so early in the preg if often useless and more stressful on the parents than anything. I would try to stay positive about the high levels and wait a few more weeks (when she is about 10 weeks ) request another ultrasound. I don't know if super high levels is an indicator of twins. I have never heard that very high levels are a bad thing but I have heard that levels not increasing/doubling is not a good sign. Good Luck!
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I don't think there is anything to be concerned about. Many times the baby can not be seen that early even if there is twins which is a possibility for the levels being high, but as long as they are doubling and her bleeding isn't heavy or continuous and there is no cramping they should do another u/s in 2 weeks.
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Thanks so much for the info.  This is my 1st grand child and I'm so excited.  I'm also very scared.  I had cancer when I was prego with my last child 20 years ago.  I had so many problems, so of course I'm worried she may have a hard pregnancy.  Being a mom means not wanting our children to go through the things we went through.  I also know i'm being overly concerned.  Thanks for the support
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You have every right to be concerned, you want the best for your grand baby and daughter, don't feel bad at all, congrats and leave it all in GOD's Hand!!!! GOD BLESS you and your daughter womb!!!
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My daughter had levels like your daughter hers started at like 190 and she is now 20 weeks pregnant with triplet girls. I am very excited for them. They have been trying for 7 years she had one miscarriage  in May. Good luck to your daughter!
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Ohh my god!! Triplets...that is crazy... was she taking fertilty drugs??
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Thanks for all the info.  Do you remember what her levels were at 6 wks?
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My HCG level at 5 weeks 2 days was 11,728. The only difference with me was the dr. was able to see a gestational sac and yolk sac with transvaginal ultrasound on that day. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with a singleton baby girl.
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high hcg levels are seen in some tumors like choriocarcinomas. but the doctor is not alarmed , so dont worry.
i am also doctor doing my residency. relax and enjoy!

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Thanks so much. My girl is so scared, she  has tried for 8 months to get pregnant and she is worrying her self sick.  I can't wait til she gets past the first trimester. I want so much to put her mind at ease, but nothing I do is easing her mind.  I guess the only thing that will do is when she is finally holding her baby.
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