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Help...really sharp stabbing pain in ribs under breast! 25w pregnant

I have been feeling so good this pregnancy and then I just bent down to get a baking dish and when I stood up, my left rib under my breast had the most intense stabbing/sharp pain!  I had to take a really shallow breath because it hurt so bad to even breath...I thought it might just be the baby in an uncomfy spot but it is going on 15 minutes...I am sitting now and do feel a bit better but if I try to take a full breath, it starts up again...Any advice!?  I read online that it is pretty normal in pregnancy...I tried to do some stretches, not sure if it helped or aggravated it...if I sit still and don't breath normal, it feels fine but as soon as I  breath, it hurts!
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Sounds like gas stuck under your rib. sit up straight and tap under your ribs.  I know it hurts but sometimes you have to take a deep breath to get that air bubble out. OR you may have pulled a muscle. Don't worry you'll be fine.  If you feel dizzy and faint, then call your Dr.
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Dh thinks its a pulled muscle or gas too....I hope it is just gas and goes away quickly!
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I had this too around 25 weeks.  Although, it was because her foot was jabbing me under my rib.  I am only 4'11 so she was up pretty high around that time (and still is, obviously :)  Don't know how tall you are, but it could very well be that she one of her limbs is under your rib!  
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I would guess that she could have a limb up there also, but it your tall tha might not be the case.  I hope it goes away soon!
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I'm only 5'1 1/2 or so...I like to say I am 5'2 but I am not lol  The baby was moving a lot...I'm glad to hear ovaz had this too...and that cminamyer thought that it could just be the same thing as ovaz...Luckily, it is almost gone/better...now I can breath normal but if I try to take a deep breath I can still feel the pain...

Thanks ladies!
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When I was 13 weeks pregnant I pulled a muscle in my abdomen.  I got impatient waiting for DH so I decided to move some furniture around...DOAH!  :)  It felt like a sharp pain at times, other times it was a strong crampy feeling, and I remember doing a lot of pacing and taking careful breaths!  Maybe that's it??  The doctor told me to put FlexAll or muscle cream on it and that helped.  Hope it's nothing serious!  :)
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I made it through the night and it is completely gone so I don't think it was a muscle or anything because that would still hurt...must have been gas or baby!
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I've had many pregnant friends that always complain of having a foot or an elbow stuck under the rib?? I still think it could have been gas, I get those every once in a while and it hurts the same as you described.
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i get that now and i am not pregnant although not as severe as yours is, it still hurts. only when i bend over though and not all the time. i would see your doc and see what he says it is probably of no concern but if you are worried then see him.
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If its on your right side at all under your rib cage you should call your doc. I had that with a pain accross my back, and it turned out that i was having a gall bladder attach. Which is really pianful if you dont be creful.  I'm told its worse then labour pains. So becare.
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