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HepB and pregnancy

I am seeking professional opinion with HepB and pregnancy. My sister,
who will be my gestational surrogate, and I both inherit HepB from our
parents. My fertility doctor is trying to figure out if we could go
through the surrogate process and wanted to get clearance from a MFM
specialist because he believes that the my sister could pass HepB to
baby.  He doesnt know much about HepB & pregnancy and suggested we
talk to a FMF.  I have talked to a Gastroenterologist and they stated
that there will be shots given to baby within hours after birth to
prevent transmission of HepB.  I'm seeking professional opinion of a
MFM specalist to see if clearence would even be possible.  I'm
desparate and do not want to waste a doctors time with other patients
if getting clearance is impossible.  My question is, if I were having
a consultation with you, would you give us clearance to proceed with
surrogate process?  if not, what suggustion do you have to get
Any advice you have would greatly be appreciated.
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Rather than going into a long detailed explanation, I will direct you to this very good site that I found: http://www.perinatology.com/exposures/Infection/HepatitisB.htm

I don't know your antibody status, but you can see that for women with both HbcAg positive and HbeAg positive, the transmission rate to the fetus is 90%.

Certainly if you/your sister were to conceive naturally, everything possible would be done to protect the fetus.  Your situation is a bit more complicated though,and requires a lengthy discussion of the risks and benefits with your Perinatologist.  The question which naturally comes to my mind is " could you find another surrogate?"

I know this is not a simple task, which is why I recommend having the discussion above. Certainly if you want to go to such lengths to have a baby, you will want the baby to be healthy!

Good luck!
Dr B
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