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Heres the plan!

Okay ladies let me know if you think i can get pregnant with this plan!

me and my fiancee (who came back to me) plan to get pregnant this september!!!

Sep. 11- AF is due
Sep. 26- when we plan to have intercourse
Sep. 28- When i ovulate

do you think we can do it?

im sorry this may be stupid
but i need some words of encouragement!
honest though lol

think the little swimmers can hang for two days?
the 3rd day fertile is the richest for me

so we have our fingers crossed

hoping to concieve in Sept
the baby would be born in june!
right after school
so id have 3 months with the baby and kinda like maternity leave!

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You should have sex over the course of a few days, not just one, to increase your chances of conceiving. Also, pay attention to your body and ovulation signs because ovulation is NOT based on your last period. It is based on your hormones. If you're stressed, your hormones will be "off" which would then cause ovulation to be off.
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in a good environment sperm could possibly live 5 days. Some things I've read even say 7 but I don't use that number. Why not start having sex 5 days b4 u ovulate the 21st. Yur plan is good but dnt hurt to have some swimmers around a few days early.
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if you are absolutely positive that is the day you ovulated, i would have sex the week before and a few days after ovulation just to increase your chances--just as the other girls have said.  good luck to you!  if this is your first month trying, don't get too discouraged if it doesn't happen right away.  i started trying last sept and didn't get preg till december and that is actually pretty quick...it takes the avg healthy woman 6mths-a year to conceive.  

loads of baby dust to you :-)  and here's to beginner's luck!!  i hope you get your little angel :) :) :) :) :)
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are you sure you ovulate on the 28th?  Usually it is 14 days after AF comes so that would be the 25th.  If you are off on your dates, you will end up being too late.  I would definately bd on the before to increase your chances.  Good Luck.  Plan sounds great to me.
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my cycle is 31 days
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eghh now im so confused because i just calculated again and it gave me completely different dates
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i would say your plan is a good one, but i would agree with the ladies above. maybe make sure you have a few more swimmers than just one time. and i would say that it is good to know the dates and timeline. but a big thing is listening to your body. she will tell you when its right. follow your intuition and it will guide you. noticing ewcm is a big thing. my period just switched up on me (stopped birth control) and i totally noticed more ewcm this cycle. also, if you are feeling 'in the mood' that is also a good hint to go for it and see what happens.  the first month we tried i was really disappointed to get af so i would say just keep in mind that it might not happen first shot.  also, that reduces a lot of stress on yourself, which is good cause stressing out doesn't help when ttc.
good luck and i wish i had a 31 day cycle, 23 ***** monkey balls. i miss my 28. : (
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buy a ovulation test that will tell you for sure your body can ovulate at diffrent times of the month my cycle to is 30-31 days so your might need to buy 2 packs to make sure you catch it
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are you eally sure you wanna do that i mean you guys were just split....you wanna jump into having a baby with this guy..i mean you guys just got back together....a baby is a big responsibility and everything....im not judging you and your free yo do w.e you feel like im just saying your still young and you have your whole life ahead of you...why tie yourself down with a baby for a guy who you dont even know will be there for you!! It hard doing it alone..its no peach!! As easy as you think it will be..i think you should really really think about this..what makes you think hes going to be there for you when you get pregnant..didnt you say thats why he left you in the first place....because he doesnt want a baby!! He may be just saying lets have a baby now to make you happy..but what happens when he changes his mind..sometimes support from friends andd family just isnt enough!!
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Actually ovulation does not happen 14 days after your period. It occurs 14 days BEFORE your period. Any fertility website will explain that. Your luteal phase (the phase between ovulation and your next period) is usually 12-16 days, the average being 14 days. After your period, your uterine lining will build itself up and you will have different fluctuations of hormones.

Ovulation can occur any time in your cycle.

So deduct 14 from 31--- you should ovulate on about CD17.
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I definatly agree with Rosa!!! 100%  but if your happy and in a stable enviroment then go for it :)
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Hmmm stable, not so much.  You should read the comments from your last post on the Teen Pregnancy Concerns Forum.
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