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Herpes help ??!!

Ok so my ex thinks i have herpes, because his doc told him he suspects he has herpes. I am sooooo frustrated because for one he hasnt even got the results and he is trying to tell me that herpes turns into shingles, herpes can go to your brain and kill you. Now i am soo frustrated because i told him 1. Shingles and herpes are two different things. 2. I have not had any 'outbreak' of blisters at all, ever around my vagina or mouth..
He thinks the dermatitis i have (which has been diagnosed as dermatitis) on my hands is herpes. And hes trying to tell me, the little bumps on my nipples are herpes. Which i know, and i have read before that the little bumps on the areola are caused by pregnancy changes. Now can someone tell me if i am wrong? He gets ingrown hairs everyday because he is just a hairy boy, and i know this is probably just another ingrown. And hes tryna tell me hes 100% sure i have herpes. I got sooooo frustrated i cracked and started crying turned my phone off and deleted facebook, can someone tell me about herpes, how am i supposed to get checked up on herpes if i dont have any blisters or sores? I got my blood tests done when i found out i was pregnant and i am clean. I just want to shoot myself im so frustrated
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Wow, did he go to sex ed? Has he not learned about herpes?? Haha.. I would make sure you're tested, because you can go a long time without an outbreak, so I'd do it just to be safe. Did he not tell you that he had herpes before you two had unprotected sex? And does he not know that if you DID have herpes, and an outbreak during delivery you'd have to have a c-section? It's nothing funny or fun to stress someone out over.
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Shingles and herpes are the same thing, just in a different form. If you've ever had the chicken pox, you have the herpes virus already in your body. Ignore him, he's not a doctor, he can't tell you if you have herpes or not.
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Im sorry but lol to him shingles has to do with chicken pox
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He hasnt ever been diagnosed with herpes, and he thinks that he has it now because of one 'bump' he found down there.. He reckons he has been clean his whole life now this!? Ive never been diagnosed with it nor had symptoms ..
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Well sometimes herpes can lay dormant for literally years before you get an outbreak, so it's always best to get it checked. I'm sure your doctor did that as a routine screening in the beginning anyway?
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How is it tested if there is no outbreak, is it by bloodtest?
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