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Home remedies for depression while pregnant

I was wondering if there was anything I could possibly take thats all natural for depression. I am 13 weeks pregnant.
I'm suffering really bad from hormones, and very depressed. I do have a history of depression, I usually take Celexa, but I cannot take that while pregnant, and I am really not comfortable taking a prescription antidepressant while pregnant.
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I've been running into the same problem.  I normally take Zoloft which is one of the safer ones. But i'm really scared to take it while pregnancy becuase it poses a greater risk of PPHN (Persistant Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns) and I just can't risk that. I seriously need to be taking something but my famiyl and I have agreed that I only have 12 weeks left and they will just deal with my moodiness and stuff until then so we don't take any chances.  I plan to tell my doc that I want to walk out of that hospital with a script for Zoloft.  I will be breastfeeding but I took it while BFing my last one and had no issues.  

the only thing I have found that helps is getting out in the sun which is hard since it's so God forsaken hot outside here.  I've talked to my doc about it and he hasn't suggested anything that can be taken while pregnant.  I'm just sticking it out until the end I guess.  I made it through my last preg without meds even though I was a royal you know what most of the time!
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the only 2 natural anti-depressants that I know you can take while pregnant are not effective..and remember, all natural does NOT = all safe, especially during pregnancy. discuss your depression with your doctor...he may have some natural suggestions, or ask for a referral to a midwife who will have more knowledge of safe herb usage during pregnancy.
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lol I wanted to add that too...like GA, I've had some really bad depression with this pregnancy but I've managed without meds....it's been really hard, but I'm full-term today so I really feel like it was worth it. I live in N. FL so it's been hot as blazes here (the heat index is well above 100* every day) but I take my daughter out to swim every day for about 45 minutes and the natural melatonin release has helped my depression a lot too.
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Yeah I have a history of depression, and OCD which is why I took the Celexa when I wasn't pregnant. I also have a history of very bad PPD. I was admitted into a mental hospital in 2008...my medication was not working, and had severe severe seperation anxiety from the baby. I couldn't even go to the bathroom for a simple tinkle without him in the same room with me, it was horrible! And I really don't want to suffer from it again. I told the DF the signs of my PDD, because i'm not always aware of them. I know the symptoms and signs, but admitting to them is a different story for me. I know I will have a TON of support if it happens again, but I really am having a hard time with my hormones. I have never been this hormonal with my 3 boys...I'm extremely sensitive, to the point where, I cried because DF laughed at the TV and I thought he was laughing at me lol.

I'm a freaking mess lol. Not really moody, or b!tchy, just sad and everything makes me cry.
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Dont' feel bad, you aren't the only one.  I've become super sensitive to all kinds of things...It's good that DH knows the signs so he can help you keep a look out.  It's a hard thing to deal with.  It was really hard for me to weigh the options between having my kids/husband suffer through my emotional rollercoaster for the next few months or risking this baby having issues from medication I took.  I go from depressed/sad/crying to angry/yelling/psycho woman.  Fortunately most days are pretty even keel, but once in awhile I go up or down and it's rough for all of us.  
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St. John's Wort is supposed to be a "natural" cure for depression, but I have absolutely NO idea how this would affect a pregnancy.  You may want to check with your doctor to see if there are any natural herbs/vitamins that you can take safely.
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