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Hospital stay for second time moms

I have a 2 year old son and I'm 11 weeks pregnant right now, how did you second time moms work out the hospital stay with baby number 2. Did the dad stay home with baby number 1? Sitter? Go to the hospital with you?
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I'm pregnant with my second. 21 weeks tomorrow.  My daughter starts school in September and I'm due in October. My plan is when I go into labor my sister is taking a week off so i can have my baby and she will be taking her to school.  My boyfriend will be staying with me in the hospital. But if fails my dad would watch my daughter. Food to have a few baxk up plans in mind
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I'm 35W with baby #2, my daughter is 2 in a half and has a 2 day visitation every week with her biological dad. My husband now this is his first child that I'm pregnant with(my 2nd child) my husband and mother in law will be in the room with me cause again its her first grand baby. My mom was in the room with me with my daughter, so when I go into labor my daughter will be with my mom for at least 2 days. If that for some reason don't happen she will stay a few extra days with her biological dads mother (grandma). I'm a little nervous how its gonna be when I have the baby and my daughter. I guess I'm nervous how my daughter will act and how the sleep sheduale will be ? Lol... But if I go into labor while my daughter is here I plan on her going to the hospital with my mom after I deliver.
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OK bc right now the plan is to have mY husband in the room with me and her my son stay with my father in law (husbands dad) for the day and sleep over while we are in the hospital. I think for an uncomplicated birth they only keep you 24 Hrs. I am really nervous about setting a schedule with two little ones as well. I want to ask for help but I know they'll only want to help with new baby not NY toddler which is who I'll need help for lol I'm anxious too. I hear second time labor is so different from first
I'm in the same boat, I know they will only want to help with the new baby instead of my toddler which I do agree thats the one you need help with lol. My daughter already gets his swing and his pampers for her dolls lol. I'm also scared for when he wake up at night if she dont wake up with us how am I gonna be able to hang during the day to keep an eye on her while the new baby's asleep and I'm in lack of sleep. I don't wanna be mean and lose my patient with her I'm praying it will be fine. I'm also scared because she hadn't had a bottle for about a year now , BUT when she sees mommy giving the new baby a bottle and having to hold him and etc will she wanna be baby-ed again like that? I'm just so nervous and everyday I see my count down number go lower and I'm like eeeeeeee I can't help but think of everything. But I do believe the hospital stay is 24hrs with my daughter thats how long I was there , but its better to have a little extended plan just in case something happens. I pray you have a safe easy delivery but its always good to have a little more planned just in case.
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Wow am also worried as well I wonder who is going stay with my son while gobin labour and what it's going be like having the two kids.... Being that amma be all alone by my self... But what is to be must be I know know I had to carry this child weather or not I was having the support from the kids father.
# he is being a deadbeat dad because he never wanted me to carry this pregnancy but am praying
It's nerve racking wondering what is going to be like. I am nervous and how my clingy toddler is good with the new baby
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I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby but with my second and third dad took turns being with me and baby at hospital and at home with my daughter and son complicated but he would be with us after they fell asleep he would go and stay with us at the hospital I wanted him to be with them so they wouldn't feel the baby took there daddy love away if I would really need him like for papers and that I will call him but I always had different family members around its just a 2 day stay for normal deliveries
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I am 25 weeks n have very little trust in people my daughter will b witj me n the hospital right after i have my son night and day there dad work night shift so...
How old is your daughter I believe at some hospitals there's she restrictions when it comes to non visiting hours
She is one i live in jersey they dont care
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My sister watched cherub number one.  They didn't even visit the hospital.  It was best for me.  I was giving birth, recovering from giving birth, and taking care of an hours old newborn.  Nowadays, we are in the hospital so short of a time, I was home in a couple of days.  I got home and about an hour later, my sister brought my one year old to the house and we introduced him to the baby.  A two day break of only caring for the newborn and healing was totally worth it for me.  So, I'd have someone watch your little one and reconnect after birth ether at home or if they visit at the hospital for a short time (two year olds aren't going to find that big fun).  good luck
Ok we are planning for evin to stay with grandma and grandpa while we are at the hospital
You will appreciate that!  I did miss my one year old . . .  I took a picture and looked at it occasionally.  But was relieved to just have my newborn to care for in those first 24 hours after entering the world.  Enjoy!
Thank you I'm very excited
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