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How big is too big for a toddler??

OKay, so I was just wondering what your toddlers are weighing in at. My son is 17 months and went through about
3-4 months without gaining or losing any weight and then while I was preggo and put on bedrest, he gained 3-4 pounds within a month. (probably stress related as I couldn't take care of him like I wanted to) Is this normal? He weighs about 33 or 34 pounds right now. He's a big boy but doesn't look overweight. He's about the size of most 3 year olds. I always get comments like oh he is 2 or 3? I'm like he's not even 18 months! I'm sure people look at him and expect him to act older and talk more, but he's still such a baby! =) And this has been going on for months! He only eats 3 meals a day, and maybe one snack in between (usually fruit). Only drinks milk at bedtime and has water during the day. Sometimes I add some juice in with his water. My husband is about 6'1" and I'm 5'8" so we are not small. I was big as a baby as well, but I looked overweight! lol. I was so chunky. Thankfully I did eventually thin out around 2 or 3. Today I had Jeremiah outside running around playing and I just want him to get more exercise. I was also running with him so I can lose all this baby weight.
I was just wondering if he is in a normal range or not? and how much activity or exercise should he be getting everyday? With a newborn, it's hard to get outside like I want to because it is getting colder out now. I am always so worried about his weight. What do you think?
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my daughter is also 17 months she weighs 22 pounds but girls are very different from boys.... and with everything you had going on it is normal... he will loose the weight as he gets older and gets more active... don't worry about that...
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I wouldnt worry about it to much in all honesty. My 3 yr old is short and weighs in at about 34 pounds, and he is still in 18-24 mo clothing...just grazing the 3t section by now, but I am short at 4'9 and I have always been thick..not overweight or chunky but big boned. Id say if he is eating a well balanced diet with plenty of the food groups and at moderate portions plus getting exercise then I wouldnt be to worried. And as far as exercise goes, every child is different...My oldest loses weight easily while my 3 yr old cant seem to lose weight at all lol...if it becomes that much of a concern for you, id suggest talking to his pediatrician/family doctor or even a child nutritionist just to put your mind at ease! I think he looks like a beautiful healthy 17 month old baby!
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my guys are 13 months and weigh 23 lbs. they're in 12-18 months clothing and are 32 inches tall.
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Elijah is 15 months old, weighs about 25 pounds, and is at least 32/33 inches tall. He's in 18-24 month clothes. DH is 6'6 and I'm 5'4, so he's taking after his dad for sure. I think Jeremiah is just fine. He's not overweight, and he's not underweight. Kids go through stages of growing horizontally and then vertically. They get chunky (maybe) and then they thin out. My neighbor's son is 19 months old, and was a pretty chunky baby up until the last month or so...he's really started to thin out. As long as he's healthy, and has a healthy diet I wouldn't worry.
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Just found a good site, www.  infant   chart    .com  There's a chart for height, weight, head circumference, and weight for length...Elijah is 56% for weight, 92.4% for height, and 36.7% for weight to length. So he's just above average for weight, definitely above average for height, and below average for his weight to other babies of his height. I look at those numbers and don't worry at all, he eats healthy, doesn't snack on anything bad, drinks water, milk and once in a while juice...he's just fine.
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My 2.5 year old weighs almost 40 pounds and is in the 90th percentile for his age and weight although my six year old is as big as a 10 year old! So I wonder but they were both big babies and never really had any problems! He'll even out no worries :)
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Brayden is 14 1/2 months and weighs 29 lbs. he is already wearing 24m-2T clothes. The doc said its ok as long as he is eating healthy and not junk all the time. Like if we are going out ill bring like little snacks for him to munch on but when we are at home he eats healthy and runs around all day. Dont worry. he is just a big boy :) I know what you mean about everyone thinking hes older... everyone thinks Brayden is at least 2
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Quinn will be 3 in Dec and she just finally hit 30 pounds. She is tall and lean.   Wish I was! LOL... :)
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TJ is just over 15lbs and almost 14mo. He's a peanut though... however ALL muscle, ugh. he  kicks  hard when he's mad
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Like the other ladies have said, dont worry about it!
You and you DH are not small people, if you son looks bigger then he is just going to be a big boy!
When I had my son, he was 8.1. Not to big, but he looked HUGE! My DH is only 5'8 and I am only 5'4, however my dad and his side of the family are all over 5'6, including the women.
When my son reached 24 pounds at 5 months and didnt look *fat* I had nurses telling me that he needed to go on a diet! When I saw his pediatrician he told me that it was his diet (food), he was to advanced for formula and was drinking to much. He put my son in baby food at 5 months.
He weighted 31 pounds until he was almost 2, he has just now started to put some more weight on. He just turned 3 on Sept. 23 and weights 37 pounds. When he was younger I always had people asking me if he was 2 or 3..... I think the worst part about this is that others expect you child to do and understand more then what is right for their age.
As long as you son is healthy, there is no problem.
You'll have a basketball player! YAY!!!
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My 2 and half year old is 36lbs and 36inches tall. She came out big and never stopped!
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He does not look overweight at all- he looks TALL! And that's okay! So long as his pediatrician isn't concerned I wouldn't be concerned. By age 2 they'll start measuring his BMI and go from there. But for now he's still a baby and I wouldn't worry about it. Doesn't sound like you're feeding him 10 hotdogs for lunch or anything over-the-top.

And because you asked my 2-yr-old weighs about 32 lbs I think. And my 4-yr-old weighs 37 lbs. So you can see my 2-yr-old weight almost as much as her sister who is 2 years older!!!
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