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How can I tell the gender of my unborn baby?

This is probably going to sound like a rather pointless and stupid question, but I still felt that it was worth asking. The doctors could not tell the gender of my baby from my scan, as it was in an awkward position for us to see. My midwife told me that I will just have to wait untill my baby is born, but I really wanted to know beforehand so that I could be more prepared when it came to clothes, etc.
I have an extremely strong hunch that it is a girl and so does everyone else who knows me, but obviously I cannot tell for certain.
I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to guess the gender? For example, my mother believes that it is a girl because I havn't really put on weight anywhere else but have a large bump.
A couple of my friends have told me that a bigger bump means that its more likely to be a girl.
I have also been told that a lower down bump means that its a girl, and a higher up bump means a boy.
And apparently boys give you less morning sickness than girls do?
Does anyone else know any other good ways of making a guess on the gender? Any ideas would be apprechiated. :)
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get a necklace and a ring put the ring on the neckless hold it over your belly or the plam of your other had if it goes in a circle it's a girl if it goes back in forth it's a boy it's a really cool trick u can stop the necklace and do it again again till it does not move any more it really works crazy!!! it also counts previous children so if this is your 2nd kid the second time will be your answer oh ya and the movements of the necklace will match up with the genders of  previous kids in the order the were born including misscarges good luck
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i have had both boy and girl and my feelings were right,when i carried my girls iput weight on all over and suffered extreme sickness,with my boy i carried small with no sickness,they also told me that my son was a girl so they dont always get it right anyway,i think its more exciting not knowing more of a surprise for friends and family when you tell them,
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The only accurate way to determine the sex is to wait until the baby is born.  Ultrasounds are very accurate but even those can be wrong.  Some women DO carry girls and boys different but it's not always a good indicator.  Your feelings and hunches can be wrong as well.  With my oldest I did not find out the sex and I swore it was a boy...she's definately a girl.  

What the first responder said about the necklace is an old wive's tale and just like with anything like that you have a 50/50 chances of being right.  Your best bet would be to ask your doctor if they will perform another scan before your due date and perhaps the baby will cooperate then, otherwise you are pretty much stuck waiting until you give birth.  
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Try  this website its http://www.fortunebaby.com/chinesegenderpredictionchart it worked for my sister and a few family and friends that tried it
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Keep in mind that these websites people are listing along with any of the old wives tales (like the necklace thing) are just guesses...they have a 50/50 accuracy rate and it would be wise NOT to base anything on the answers to these, in other words I wouldn't go out and buy anything gender specific based on any of these methods.  
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I have asked if I can have another scan, but unfortunately was told that they will only perform one if there are complications (possible breech birth, etc.) so unfortunately that isn't an option.
Obviously I will not know for sure untill she/he is born, but the "old wives tales" seem to work for quite a few people, so I thought it might be worth having a few ways of guessing. :)
But I will bear in mind the fact that they are not accurate, I will try not to get too carried away with them haha. x

And to everyone else, thanks for the tips! :)

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