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How do you know when or if you're losing your mucus plug?

I'm 35 weeks 4 days along. Today as I've been using the restroom I noticed a clear, slimy like substance on the toilet paper when I wipe my tata. I haven't had a bby in 5yrs and I'm not sure if it's my mucus plug coming out or not. My bby is already 6.5lbs and she's already head down and dropped. If I'm losing my mucus plug how long after could I go into labor? I haven't even registered at the hospital yet. Please help!?  
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That could be your plug. But it can still take up to 5 weeks before the baby comes, I lost mine about a month before my water broke with my 2nd son and about 6 weeks before I went in to have my first. But you can go any time, so if I were you I would try to finish up everything that you need to do before baby comes.
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Yes it's most definitely my mucus plug coming out... It's more and more of a snot like substance appearing on the toilet paper when I wipe after using the restroom. I'm just a little nervous because I don't want to have a premature bby.
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And I meant to mention that I'm already 1cm..
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Mucus plugs can come out bit by bit... it also grows back when its coming out like that.

If your mucus plug comes out in one big blob baby could come any day.

I was born at 35 weeks and i was healthy.

I dont think baby is gonna come any time soon, it could be a while before baby comes... with my first i was stuck at a cm for a good couple of weeks with my second i was at a cm for a month or so...

Dont worry so much its jot good for you or baby
Its just really alot going on with me and idk how to manage all of the pressure. Im hoping she stays in for at least 2 more weeks.
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Try relaxin, keep off your feet,  do something that relaxes you, like reading... cuddlin up in bed with your favorite movie
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I'm most definitely not going to be on my feet and I'm trying to relax. I'm just worried... Alot.
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Right there with you Momma. I'm also 35 week's. Definitely lost my mucuas plug few days ago a lot at once, then little bloody show for about day, with contractions, also one cm. If it helps any my first daughter was born at 36 week's with absolutely no complications, today is a bright 7 year old also was 8lbs 6oz.
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That's a relief... I'm just praying that she stays in a little longer. I'm still losing it slowly. I haven't had any contractions yet or seen any bloody show. I've been sleeping all day and trying to relax as much as possible.
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