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How long did it take for you to fit back in your pre-pregnancy wardrobe?

Last time, it took me 2 weeks to be able to fit back in my pre-pregnancy clothes.  This time, I could do it the day after having Gil, believe it or not!!  I only gained in my belly with him, so once he was out, the breastfeeding has been taking care of the rest of the tummy, it seems!  There's just one pair of jeans that I can't quite fit into yet.....

As happy as I am to be shedding the weight so quickly, it's also a little sad:  DH and I aren't planning on having any more children......I'll miss the belly, in a way :-(
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DS is 19 months old...when I can fit into my pre pregnancy clothes again, I'll let you know! LOL. I couldn't breastfeed, and I have had back problems since my c-section with him, also a little laziness and lack of time to get to the gym have contributed to my ongoing larger wardrobe, but...I'm still working on it. It's very hard for me to lose weight, and I mostly gained in the belly as well until the last 1-2 months I was REALLY swollen (check out my pics) So still haven't lost it all...
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Like smjmekg, DD is 19 months old and I still cant fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet but I was able to breastfeed for a little over a year.

In most cases losing weight depends on your natural metabolism (some have very high metabolic rate and lose weight very easily but this isnt common) and a combination of diet and exercise.  I just joined the gym and hope to shed the extra 15Ibs I am carrying within the next few months.

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Congrats that's awesome!  My son is 21 months and I still don't fit in any pre-pregnancy clothing, maybe a few shirts.  I'm pregnant again so I'm working on watching my weight so I don't gain too much and so it won't be as hard to get back to where I was,  (I still have like 20 lb to go).
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Never was I able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes...lol.  But some of my friends were able to shed the baby weight.  I am still working at it.
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I went home my last 2 pregancies in my pre-preggo clothes after delivery
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You go girl!!! i hope i can do that after this baby!!
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I also always go home in my pre-pregnancy clothes too... although with this baby I weight about 10 pounds more with this baby but I don't plan on gaining a whole bunch of weight with this baby so we will have to see how it goes...
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I went home in pre-pregnancy clothes, but not everything fit great until about 4wks Post-partum with my daughter, while my uterus took the time to shrink and my muscles closed back up. I had a good diastasis going but it closed on its own about 3wks post-partum so my muscles began to firm up again.

i was very careful about weight gain with DD, and very careful this time too..I went into this pregnancy heavier than with DD though so I don't know how its going to come out :)

good job girl! that proves that you really paid attention to your health while pregnant because the healthier we are when we're pregnant, the faster our bodies return to normal (not always, but usually). and I can totally understand missing the belly!
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I'm with ya mavr88 my DD just turned 5 and I never made it back into my skinny clothes.
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I was back into my pre-preg clothes 2 weeks after Gavin was born. I actually weigh less now than when I first got pregnant.  :)
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with my first 2 babies I was back pre pregnancy size at about 2 weeks. With Dalton(17 months) and Taylor (6 months) I now weigh more than I did at nine months pregnant and am the biggest I have ever been. I am in my 30's now and a stay at home mom so I dont know if thats part of it or not:~( Wish I had a sitter so I could go to the gym:~(
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