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How long did you/are you planning to breastfeed?

For those of you who either have breastfed, or are planning to, how long did you continue?  I mentioned to my husband yesterday that I plan on breastfeeding for the first year, and he looked at me like I was absolutely nuts. I do plan on starting him on solids once his pediatrician says to, but I'd like to breastfeed occasionally then as well.  I know a lot of kids take a bottle until they're about a year old, and I Really don't want to use formula. Just a personal preference for me.  So instead of a bottle before bedtime/naps, I planned on still breastfeeding. Am I nuts for wanting to do it so long?
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i planned on breastfeeding for the first year...i was able to for 3 1/2 months before the boys quite literally sucked me dry.
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I planned to breastfeed for 6-9 months with my daughter, but was only able to for a little over a month due to complications with delivery....I plan to BF for about 6 months with my son if all goes well. You're absolutely NOT nuts to want to breastfeed for a year, it's good for everyone involved. and just remind your husband that he won't be getting up to wash bottles and mix formula at 345AM if you're breastfeeding, and see if he changes his tune, lol.

Stick to your guns if it's what you absolutely want, there is NO reason to feel crazy, and do whatever it takes to keep BFing (lactation consultants, pumping to get volume up). Sometimes there's no help for it and you have to stop and formula is absolutely fine to use, but you should definitely stick with your wishes and BF for as long as you possibly can!
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Jazmine had breast milk exclusively for the first 6 months and then breast milk supplemented with solids from 6-12 months.

I worked full time from the time she turned 2 months old so nursed her when I was at home and pumped when at work.  He was hard work but worth it.
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i plan to breast feed exclusively for about 6-9 months or whenever my little booger pops out some teeth...then im sorry to say but he is off lol! but once his teeth come in i plan to pump and supplement with solids for the first year. Meaning, i'll feed him solid foods at the tolerated age and give him bottles but with pumped breast milk instead of formula until he makes the switch over to regular milk after 12 months. This is just my preferred ideal (if everything works out) plan.
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im only planning on breastfeeding my baby in the hospital when i have colostrum. supposedly there is a shot that prevents your milk from coming in so that is what im going to do. just a personal decision but i think its great you plan to breastfeed for a long time.
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Doctors say its beneficial to breast feed till 2 years. I think once they can start getting it themselves, thats enough. Id like to have mine on breast milk for a year but maybe Ill just pump.
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As one mother put it- why would I stop giving my baby the best thing for him right at one year? Why would I start giving him cow milk instead of human milk, especially when my breast milk is tailored just for his needs?

I have no idea how long I'll continue to breastfeed for but probably no longer than 2 years, if that. It's just that what this other woman said made perfect sense. Even if I don't physically breastfeed why not pump and give your toddler breast milk in a cup? We'll see what happens!

I think the US is the only country that finds it strange to breastfeed past a year, when in actuality it is the most natural thing in the world.
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Like Worried said, I'm only planning on breast feeding for the time that im in the hospital.  And Im doing that only cause Its the best time for the baby. other then that Im gonna bottle feed.  These days formula is just as good as breast milk.  My middle sister breast feed both her kids. and my older sister did not. but yet the kids that were breast fed have been sick WAY more then the one that didnt get breast milk. 2 years old is kinda old to be breast feeding. If I were doing it Id suggest maybe till 6 or 9 months
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i wish i would've been able to breast feed my boys. i was devastated when the "ta ta's" dried up. lol i actually cried when i'd pumped for quite literally 2 hours (during one of their naps) and only got 1/2 an ounce. they had to go to soy formula after that and are now drinking whole milk. *sigh* sometimes chocolate. lol.
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you new mommys might really be surprised the first time you breastfeed...it's an incredible bonding experience that you might not wanna give up so soon! (plus it's not only good for baby but it helps you lose those preggo lbs!)

when i had to stop breastfeeding I cried for days I felt like such a failure...Like I said sometimes it just doesn't work out but if you CAN I would recommend 100% trying for as long as possible because it helps you feel more comfortable with your baby in my opinion....but as long as they get the colostrum, that really is an important part :).
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I BF baby 1 till age 6 months becasue I was pregnant and lost a twin so I had to stop so I would not loose baby #2. Baby # 2 i BF till age 2 and she did not eat solids till age one which is when they start when BF. Well tehy need nothing else till age 1 when breastfeed. I tandam BF baby 2 and 3 and bf baby 3 till age 2 also. I plan on BF this baby till age two also and not intrducing food till around age 1. I loved it and so will you. It is the best bonding experience! Oh and if you think they will never stop BF they will:) I let them decide when they wanted to stop. You will need to drink plenty of water and drinking a bottle water or glass 20 min before will help your milk let down. If you pump or give a bottle on and off you will hae a harder time keeping your milk. Think of it no bottles to wash and get ready! It is there and ready all the time 24/7 nothing better!
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to the one who said formula is just as good I feel youa rewrong and if that were so why are formula companies making formula to be just like breast milk then???? Breast is best but formula is next best thing when breast milk is not available and age two is not to old to breast feed. I did it! My third was born premature and I donated my extra milk because I had so much. SHe was born at 30 weeks and stayed there 14 days only. The dr said that they perscribe breast milk to premature babies! If mom won't give it they get it from the milk bank. Babies do better with breast milk then they do with formula, sepecaily babies born early or with complications. In CA there are foster moms who breast feed their foster babies. Studies show that babies born drug addicted or hav enot bonded with a mom giving them the close contact and the antibodies and the good things in breast milk makes them happier and healthier. I personally know a premature baby who was born at 25 weeks and the mother left her at the hospital. She had so many stuff going on and her body started sutting down when mom left. She was blind, deaf, on a respirator and the dr started giving her breast milk and she was no longer blind or deaf after just two days! They had told the family to say their good byes and this baby started getting better! Now the state pays for the milk at the bank!! Yep state welfare pays for her breast milk. Babies come out knowing the mothers smell and the smell of her milk. I do not think a factory could ever make that.
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