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How long should woman breast feed for?

I'm watching this thing on tv, this woman breast feeds her daughter who is 8 breast milk. I read something a few days ago her son is 14 and is still breastfed.
I am all for breast feeding personally I cant do it, but I will express so it gets breast milk. I am not comfortable with breastfeeding. But expressing Yes...
Am I wrong for expressing and not breast feeding.
Because baby's daddy wants to feed too because he will be at work 12 hrs a day and wont get much bonding and he feels this will help bonding, And my dad felt left out because my step mum breastfeeds where as I was bottle fed and my dad got to feed me,

Its not really a question. But I think 8 and 14 are WAY tooo old to still be on the boob? Or am I being a hypocrite? (I cant spell)
and am I selfish for wanting too Expressing but not feeding directly from the breast??

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No, I sort of feel the same way. I'm all for breastfeeding, and I will most likely express my breastmilk as well. I feel like breastfeeding children who are 8 and 14 is just...well, honestly...gross. I may be wrong for saying that, but I feel like it's wrong for your 14 year old son to come home from high school and stick his head under your shirt and nurse. Then again, I knew a lady who had a toddler who ate solid food and he would just walk up to her an say, "nurse." and stick his head under his mom's shirt and start breastfeeding. I feel like breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, but there comes a time when you have to stop because it becomes unhealthy...in a way.
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ideally for at least 1 year so your baby wouldnt have to be given formula. why are you not comfortable with breastfeeding? the best is to breastfeed exclusively for 3-4 weeks and then you can pump when you like after. I will probably pump for when others will watch her or if the hubby wants to feed her. there are many other things the father can do to bond with the baby and he can be the one to burp after.
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Its not I am uncomfortable, I wouldnt be able too...
I have weird lumps around my nipples that pus, but they are not spots or zits I duno what they are ive had them since ive had boobs really. So it would scare me. but my GP said I can express and it be fine. because I can put something over the 'spots things' and express.... whereas I wouldnt be able to put a plaster on and breastfeed, I am always on the go, and the dadddy wants to bond due to working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. He REALLY wants to feed or he will feel left out. Plus he said it would help him quit smoking as well...
But I will express so it gets everything,
and I will not be able to wean them off whereas I would with bottles I have done it with my brother and sister, my step mum finds it hard to wean them off....

Its something I want to doo... But just worried. But I want it to have the best... Breast and expressing is the best option for me I think...
im not being stupid about it am i??

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I love to BF my daughter, it creates a wonderful special bond and I know exactly when she wants to feed, and when she sees my breasts she gets soooooooo excited. My daughter is  13 months old and I still have alot of milk, thankfully and plan on BF until she is 2. But I have to admit 8 and 14 is a bit long....

Every one has their own reasons, but if you want to pump then that's great as nothing beats breast milk. Why don't you give it a go and then see what it's like????? About weaning, I know many babies that wean off on their own, every baby and situation is different, it's gradual and can't happen at once.
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Cassandrajane...that sounds like a good option considering your breast issue. You could always talk to a lactation consultant and find out what they recommend.

I wanted to comment that in some cultures women breastfeed for longer than you might be used to. I don't know about the situation you are referencing from television. I have to admit that 14 seems extreme. But, in some areas breastfeeding longer is not only a matter of health but also a economic must. Just something to consider.

I'm going to try and breastfeed for a year but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Sometimes you have to stop earlier. I'm a little afraid of teeth :)
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Oh if its ffor religion and stuff then yeah, but I understand for comfort and things, im not ssaying its wrong, its just i thought 2 and a half was the yeah...
my nipples are sore 24hrs a day and everything, plus its what i feel bettter doing as well. Becauuse my SIL planned to breast feed for a week and her daughter doesnt take bottles at all... now she is stuck doing something she didnt want to actually do for longer than a week. But it will be having breast milk so it will get the 'best' as they say. Just not straight from my boob....
I wont be able to because of my nipples...
So yeah, plus I dont want my BF to be left out... because of his hours and everything, he wants to bond and feels thats one way how and stuff.

But as long as its getting breast and im comfortable it should be okay right?

I also suffer from BDD.... because of my anorexia which will also make it harder to feed because I will just find stuff wrong and panic (even if there is nothing wrong) I will see spots on my face that are NOT there but i can see them... All linked to Depression and Paranoia...
But my things on my nipples are there LOL.... My gp has seen them and doesnt know what it is. and my Boyf comments on them all the time and it puts me down because i feel he is sickened by them and stuff.... the same with the whole of my body!!

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