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How to handle my pregnant boyfriend close to due date?

I am 37 and a half weeks pregnant with my first child and my partner seems to be super anxious .... He's been so supportive and involved and loving up until this point now he just seems pre occupied with work his own body aches and some minor depression... We love each other and I want him to be and feel happy.. I just don't know how to help him right now as I am undergoing drastic unfamiliar changes myself. How can I help him help me help this situation  
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Ah, men are funny aren't they?  We do all the work and they get worked up.  Remember, you are FULL blown hormones right now and also probably have some anxiety and worry about how life will be different once your baby gets here.  Your boyfriend may be throwing himself into work knowing he needs to while he still can.  It's hard when we want/ DESERVE a lot of attention and we aren't getting it especially when we are in the home stretch.  But I'd try to switch it and give him some extra TLC.  Give him a back rub, ask him how he is doing and feeling, make him a nice dinner.  And see if that doesn't warm him up and he reciprocates.  Men are under stress too as a new baby arrives . . . financial pressure, time pressure, they are no longer number one in their partner's life, etc.  It's an emotional load.  So, try to give him some TLC and hopefully he will return to normal.  You're almost one sister!!!  Yay!!!!  Do you think you'll be late or early?
Thanks for responding and easing my mind a bit. He owns a small town restaurant and I also help him run the restaurant so we are a full blown force together not to be messed with through and through... It is a small business bakery and I know he is really stressed about that.. Especially since we only have one other employee who's work ethic is about as useful as a broken chair .... It has been super stress coming this close to the time being here... I think the employees incapabilities actually are the main root of his stress so we are trying to eliminate the dead weight and just do it our selves until something else gives. In regards to my due date I am expected to be in labor July 27th!!!!  a week and a half ago felt her drop ... I think.. And may be losing a bit of my mucus plug a little at a time, not to mention on top of running circles managing the 8 hour days 5 days at restaurant I use my two days off cleaning my house like I've never cleaned before lol! I think the time is closer than I thunk... I thought I'd be two weeks late my doc said that's likely but these tale tell signs my bodys been giving me I say maybe early !! Ahghhh so anxious . So excited! So ready :) I'll cook my baby man love a good garlic capers shrimp pasta for dinner tonight... He'll be happier then.  Thanks for letting me vent. This is the first time reaching out to anyone during my pregnancy about personal stuff and it really does feel good to honestly openly let it all out.
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Ahhh, I'm so happy this helped.  It IS really nice to have other people to talk to and in a format where you can say anything and don't have to worry about it coming back to haunt you.  I hope your man liked the pasta!  (I would!).  Being a business owner has to be stressful at this time and it probably means he is going to have to work right after baby gets here.  This may seem hard but tell him all the time how much you appreciate how hard he works for you and the baby.  He will appreciate that!

It's hard to predict when it will actually happen, I know. I was 10 days late with my first.  The thing that bothered me was pain in my vagina and that I couldn't eat.  But otherwise, it wasn't too bad.  lol  But I'm sure you are ready!!  It's so exciting and you will be so happy when your baby is here.  Do you know what you are having?
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