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How was Ur clomid experience???

I was considering asking my gyn about clomid. I would like to know other women experiences with it and how has it worked for u????
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You need to know if you ovulate or not first. This can be done with a blood test and/or sonogram. Your doctor would have instructions on the best time to schedule those.

Clomid isn't for everyone and the side effects are unknown.

That being said I stupidly took it twice in 2009. I don't recommend it. Most of the people I know never got pregnant on it, wasted money, etc. The month I stopped taking it I got pregnant and miscarried (it does increase the risk of miscarriage).

I would say exercise, diet, getting good sleep, taking vitamins and drinking water (no alcohol and ditch smoking) would boost your chances far more than Clomid.
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I took it once after ttc for 14 months and conceived that cycle. I also charted my bbt and cm to pinpoint ovulation. I didn't ovulate til cd 21 or I probably would have missed it. I took 50mg on cd5-9. I'm now almost 28w with a little girl. Overall I had a wonderful experience.
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What exactly is Clomid? Sorry to intrude. I know it helps ovualtion but how? Lol. I've considered it too.

I suggest u ask Faith and CA.
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I'm confused about it to that's why I'm asking, but I don't know how to tell when I ovulate. I'm pc CD25, and supposedly ovulated on the16/17 so that would make it 5/6 DPO
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How did you go about getting the clomid, like did u have to get tested for things or did u just ask ur gyno n he just wrote u a script????
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I took Ovulation test this month so I could tell.
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When u say u took ovulation test do u mean with opk's? If not how then, I once tried using them but I was very unsure how to use them correctly!!!
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Yea OPKs. I got the answer brand. I got them 2-3 days after the last day of my period. I started testing once a day. I found from noon-2 to be the best time. once I started seeing a faint line I took it twice a day at noon and at 4. Once I had a faint but dark enough line I Od the next day.

That make sense?
U bd the day u get the line (+) and then every other day.
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Well I was bd'ing every other day before and on what was suppose to be the day I ovulated... Have plans on testing on Sunday which will be 10 DPO. but I really haven't had much signs of implantation but I think I will be trying again next month...SMH
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Yea. I think I BDd too much. But good luck!
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SSBD TO U 2!!!

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Thanks! I'm taking a month or two off but baby dust to you too!!!!

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I had my progesterone levels checked three times and they confirmed I wasn't ovulating. I had Provera to induce my period so I could take the Clomid. DH had to have a semen analysis, I had my thyroid, prolactin, and something else checked. Then I had a pevlic exam an the GYN wrote me a script. It took me three months to get it all worked out to start it. It induces ovulation by signaling your eggs to begin maturing. If any eggs mature, then you ovulate. If not, they can up your dosage.

I had to chart my basal body temp because OPK's never worked for me. And I could look back on my temps and know what day I ovulated/conceived. It's really easy. I suggest visiting tcoyf . com an reading about it. I didn't o until cd 21...so I would have given up if I didn't chart.
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Thnx, I'm really not sure what to do....
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I took clomid. Usually they won't give it to you unless you have been ttc for one year with no pregnancy (miscarriage and other loss does count as pregnancy). Clomid does increase your risk of cysts on your ovaries, thinning of the uterine lining which is needed for baby to implant and increased risk of multiples. Additionally it comes with some less than pleasant side effects including hot flashes literally feeling like you are cooking never been so hot in your life, nausea, cramps, depression, anxiety, nightmares, weight gain and much much more. Clomid matures follicles but if your follicles mature but you don't ovulate then there is a different med to make you ovulate that is an injection you give yourself at home once your follicles are mature. It's expensive many insurance will not cover it and often times it comes with additional screening which is time consuming, invasive and pricey.

Clomid also can only be used for 3 at the most 6 months straight as it increases your risk of stroke heart attack and something else. I used clomid many times then clomid with ovadriel and finally clomid ovadriel and IUI which was the winning combo. Yes it's a small price to pay to have a baby. Just wanted to give you some additional info :)
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hey girl..... I took clomid
I'm CA lol
but yea girl clomid did not work for me as it gave me false positives on my opks and than I do not know when I actually ovulate! I think I am going to do natural cycle next time. Aghhhhh this is so stessful. but I recommend you getting fertiliaid and you can get that at gnc!!! girl I am so mad that clomid disappoint me! lol anyways I will be doing fertiaid next cycle.... ssbbddd
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Oh and SunWorshiper is right- it is intended to only be taken less than 6 months at a time because of some scary side effects (which raises red flags to me). And yet I see people on here all the time on huge doses of Clomid for almost a year or more at a time. Doctors do not monitor women on Clomid very well at all.
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I have taken clomid for two cycles. And did not help. I was on 50 mg. Now I am on 100 mg, this is my last cycle on it. But I have to agree with the ladies here. It can give you some crazy side affects. This 100 mg is kicking my buy. I am hot, my chest hurts. So I guess its not for everyone.
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CA25--I've heard about fertilaid, I'm thinking about giving it a try. Thanks for thee advice...

Angellahas2-- with all those post and reviews of them weird side effects I think I will just stick to the natural way/ or try fertiliaid...

Joyrenee-- I've seen all the crazy side effects that people has been saying they've been experiencing so I think clomid is not for me, but I will give fertilaid a try.. The main problem I'm having is I'm unable to tell when I ovulate so I've set an appt with the gyn for October the eigtht. The crazy part is I've been pregnant four times all born healthy ages 13,9,8 and 5 also all boys even though these were not planed pregnancies I've never had a problem with concieving.... Idk what's going on????
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Clomid caused me to have an Ectopic Pregnancy (Tubal) :( It was very scary!
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Before I posted this question on the forum I searched it on line and all you saw was good reviews but since I've posted it here u get alot of the reviews that are not so good from first hand users... I don't believe I will try it I'm going to look more into fertilaid!!

Thx for the info...
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after 2 years of trying I got pregnant on my third round of clomid, but it ended in a miscarriage. The doctor told me to wait 3 months before trying again but in that time period I accidentally got pregnant on my own and had my son in 2010. I honestly think the clomid/miscarriage knocked my body back into wack and I became a fertile mertile! I am now 6 months pregnant with a little girl :)
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