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Humerus & Femur measuring short others too

I just had a 4 D sonogram on my own just to get pictures of the baby & they included measurements that can be sent to my doctor, I am 31 years old and 29 weeks and 4 days Due date 3/24/12. With the report below the sonogram pushed my due date to 4/6/12 . 2 weeks more.  I received the report from them and I am concerned because my baby is measuring smaller than it should at this week. Now do you think this is just genetics or something of concern?  I am 5’8 and my hubby is about 5’5. I am 6-1/2 months prego and really not that big yet in the belly. I have been on Phenergan suppository 25 mg (Promethazine) for nausea since week 10. See my results below and let me know if you think that maybe my baby is just smaller/shorter or something to be concern???
The rest of the report found everything to be normal, and I have not had any scares or issues during my pregnancy.

My results:
Femur Length 5.14 cm (27 w 3d)
Humerus Length 4.44 cm (26 w 3d)
Biparietal Diameter 7.13 cm (28w 4d)
Head Circumference 25.59 cm (27 w 6d)
Abdominal Cir 23.26 cm (27 w 4d)
Fetal Heart rate 148 BPM
EFW  2 lbs 7 oz
Per sonogram I should be at 27 w 4 d... per my last menstrual cycle and 1st sonogram I should be at 29 w 4 days

Do you think maybe my baby is just smaller/shorter genetics  or something to be concern???
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The femur and humerus length are very dependent upon the position of the baby at the time of the measurement.  Also dependent upon genetics as you suggested.  Your height is a little above average and your husband is a little below average. The measurements are not very different from the due date.  If this is all they found, I would not be terribly concerned.  I would probably offer you genetic testing (amniocentesis) or double check any genetic testing you may already have had (quad screen or papp-a and hcg + ultrasound.  If all of your testing has been normal to date, then I would probably do a follow up ultrasound in 3-4 weeks to check on the growth.  I suspect genetics is the most likely cause.
Good luck to you!
Dr B
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