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Well ladies..
Where do I start?! Okay, my period was supposed to be here the 16th and it's the 22nd and no period.. if you read up on my past posts you will see that the past two months I've started the 16th of the month. Well I haven't started yet and umm about 3 weeks ago my fiance's mom was like I had a dream that you were pregnant and John, my fiance, was mad because I screamed at him to go get me some diapers or something like that lmao.. How long should I wait before I take a test or am I just in denial?
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You may very well be pregnant. But remember, at one time or another we can be late due to stress and life in general. Get a digital clearview easy test and if you are preggo it will read positive. sometimes the regular tests take longer to show two lines and you can be preggo and still come up negitive but no period either. I showed 2 1/2 weeks after I concieved and my period wasnt due yet.  
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from my navel up it cramps a little from time to time.. like a squeeze feeling as if i'm doing crunches lmao. i've got these HORRID stretch marks on my sides that I've only seen on pregnant women.. I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow. I can't really sleep at night because my back hurts a lot and I feel fat lol.. like I'm so freaking lazy all I want to do is lay down and watch TV lol. Idk if those are signs or what.. can someone tell me??
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Well that would make you 5 days late so I would test!!! I tested 3 days after my missed period and got my BFP.  
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k ladies.. thanks for your advice.. i'll test as soon as i can run to the store and get one :) I'll keep you posted so watch this post!
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Stretch marks and back pain would not be pregnancy-induced at this stage of the game.  Stomach cramps and tiredness are pretty common pregnancy symptoms but can also be caused by a slew of other conditions.

Good luck w/ the test.
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These are photos I JUST took.. Look at my stretch marks.. my tummy stays that big but as you can see from the last photo I can suck it in but my entire torso get's hella longer lmao! I STILL haven't had a period and I'm bout to miss this whole month.. I was supposed to start the 16th but never did, didn't even spot

^ Left side

^ Right side

^ Head on

^ Suck it in!
**Please don't say anything about the happy trail, I've had it my entire life!
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you should test ASAP.
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Have you seen your doctor about other possible reasons for the tummy weight and "happy trail"? I am completely new to the world of PCOS but you sound like you have some of the symptoms (irregular or infrequent periods also being one).
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They put me on BC years ago and I quit taking it because it wasn't regulating my period.. it was making them long and hard and make me cramp. I've had a happy trail since I was born, my mom has one as well.. it runs in my family. I wear a size 12 pants now.. umm last year I was in a size 7! I haven't tested yet but I'm wondering am I pregnant or just missing my period just to be irregular or something. My last two periods came on time so idk what's going on this month. I ovulated one day and BD the day after or atleast thats what I THINK happened lmao.. What do you think??
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I think u need to take a test & see. If u r pregnant, it should show positive by now being that u r over 10 days late according to your lmp.
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I agree with LoandTansMom. You should take a test! If it is not positive, maybe you should see your doc and let them know all of your symptoms and get an answer. It'll be much easier to get pregnant if you know what's going on. It could be that you're not ovulating, or there may be a little blockage! Getting those things taken care of will make TTC a lot easier.

BUT HOPEFULLY you are pregnant and it's not something else!!!
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Thanks ladies.. I will take a test today sometime and update ya!!
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i would so test cant wait to hear your results you sound pregoo to me :)
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Take a test!! = )
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Hey ladies, just an update..

Idk if im having cramps or what but sometimes ill get like a squeezing feeling by my upper abdomin sometimes and then I'll have like lower tummy cramps like I gotta go poopie. Sometimes it feels like my left nipple is being stabbed or something but nothing big. Are any of these signs? My mom didn't have any signs when she was pregn with me she went in for a checkup and found out she was pregger lol..

I'm buying a test now so I'll test tomorrow or can I test now? My period was supposed to start the 16th of last month and still no AF.

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I just bought a clearblue test.. are they any good and when should I test?
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Being this late you should be able to test any time of day and get an accurate result.

Good Luck
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..test is negative!!
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aw ok. well your not pregnant. i would suggest going to the doctor and getting checked out cuz there might be someting wrong
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are you sure you ovulated? In April I was supposed to start on the 14th but ovulated instead. You can ovulate sooner or later at some point. I'm guessing!
So if ur not pregnant, I'd go to the doctor and see what's wrong.
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I haven't had a period since April 16th.
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I finally had a period that started last monday and ended last night.. I'm about to just give up and call it quits
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