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I am very confused on my due date... heres why. I hope someone can help.

On January 18th 2009 I started my period and it was a normal period. It ended January 24th. Then a few days later I started breeding again but it was not a normal period, it was very light (and then somedays i wouldn't bleed at all). I think it lasted maybe 4-5days. I went to my family doctor on Febuary 23th and had a pregnancy test done(well blood work) and it came back postive. My family doctor sent my blood off for a fetal age test which I got back on the 27th and it said that I was 2-3 weeks pregnant(fetal age). My first visit with my OB/GYN was on April 22nd 2009. Since I was not sure on which period I should count as my LMP I told her I did not know when my last period was. She did the ultrasound and she figured that my gestational age was 11 weeks and 5 days, which gave me a due date of November 8th 2009. See my confusion. If I was 11 weeks and 5 days then that would mean my LMP was Febuary 1st, and that is not right because I did not have a period at all in Febuary. What I am basically asking is:
-How accuract are the ultrasound gestational age tests?
-How accuract are the fetal age test?
-Which period would count as my LMP?
-If my due date is wrong then how do I go about getting it changed?
Any input would be great right about now. All these questions I would love to ask my doctor but when I have so much on my mind, I sometime trip over my words and get confused on what I am even asking. Even if you can help me write down a list of questions to ask my doctor that would be great to. HELP!!!
*Jan.18-Jan 24- my period
*Jan 26-Jan31- i had a abnormal period(verylight)
*Feb 23- Had a pregnancy test & fetal age test done, I was 2-3 weeks(fetal age)
*Apr 22- had a ultrasound done from which the doctor determined that I was 11 weeks and 5 days(gestational age)
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A ultrasound is the closest you will get in a true due date. The only thing I can think of is that you prob. Ovulated later. My lmp was june 16th and then I when in for my u/s I should have been 8w and the u/s I was only 7w some days. So even know I was for sure on my lmp I most have Oed later...Even know you did not have a period in Feb. You prob. Oed during that time....The baby will come when s/he is ready...
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Do you think that maybe there is a chance that I can be further along than what they think. If I go by my LMP than as of today I will be 33 weeks and 3 days (Jan 18th being LMP) but if I go by my ultrasound then I will be 31 weeks and 3 days today (Feb. 1st is the date they figured). Can they be off by that much? After what week do they start to before inaccuract?
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The earlier you are the better. There is only a 2w different so its really nothing to worry about....I am sure if they were off with your dates from the 1st u/s, that when you had your 20w u/s they would have say something...
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two weeks give or take won't really make a difference either way, unless you are having a c-section. your body will know when its time to deliver. my doctor has told me in the past though that the ultrasound is more accurate than the LMP because ovulation can vary and be effected my your enviroment and stress levels. I have had an ultrasound before that was off the baby was significantly smaller than it should have, but that was bacause the baby had not implanted right and I later miscarried.
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It is normal to have dates be off by as much as 2 weeks. If you ovulated a little later, if the egg implanted later, etc.

I'd go by the sonogram dates because they are most accurate in early pregnancy. Everything else is just estimations.
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For a more accuarate date between what weeks do they have to be done? I worry because my c-section is scheduled for October 30th, and I worry that I will be to earlier or to late. I have gestational dietbetes. And I am not sure what effects that could have on a baby born late or earlier.
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2week really wont make a different....With my 1st I didnt have my 1st u/s in till 20w at that time they told me I was only 18w so they moved my due date from the 10th to the 24th, I was induce on the 8th due to high blood pressure....

No matter how you think about it, your Ob will stick with the readings from the u/s! Stop worring about this, enjoy your last week few being pregnant!!

Also in your post about Feb 1st being you LMP from the u/s are you sure they didnt say you conceved on that date??
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The more I think about it... I am sure that the Feb. 1 they might you conceive, i have never had an u/s tech tell you tell me that was when my lmp....so if you did conceive on Feb 1 your last period would have been about on or around Jan 18!!
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I agree the due date giving by the scan is the most accurte. when i was pg with DD, my midwife give me due date of 31 of March but my due date by the scan was 18 of March and i gave birth on the 15 of March.

good luck with everything
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That is what I think. But on my first ultrasound on April 22nd, it says that my G/A (which I assume would be my gestational age, right?) was 11 weeks and 5 days. She said that I would have conceived on Febuary 15th. And it just doesn't make since to me that I would have ovualted 2 weeks after I was suppost to. I was looking on the internet on ovaulation calendras and they said that my fertile days would be between Jan 25- Feb 1 (going by my LMP). I know that I really shouldn't stress about it, but for some reason I am. It is all I think about. When I go back to the doctor this monday (Sept. 14th) what should I ask her to be sure? Everytime I go to the doctor I have so many things that I want to ask her, but its gets all jumbled up in my head and I forget. This time I am going to write do everything I want to ask her... lol.  
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Ok so lets says that  on Jan 26-Jan31 when you had "abnormal period" you could have Oed from.....then the u/s could be off by a day or so...So feb 1st couldbe right....No matter what you say to your dr. he WILL GO BY THE U/S....And I am sure you had an u/s  at 20weeks or so, if there was weeks different someone would have said something....Enjoy your pregnancy....
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I'm due October 20th and my LMP was January 13th.

If you got a sonogram in very early pregnancy and the little jelly bean was measured- THAT is the most accurate measurement you will get via sonogram and should be the most accurate. And yes, it can be off by as much as 2 weeks.
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Either way you think of it if you deliver the baby 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late the baby will still be considered full term! God Bless and I hope you have a great rest of the pregnancy!
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Congrats... our babies will be about the same age. I have been reading online about ovaulation and conception and it is all to confusing is me.. lol. I understand that you are suppost to ovaulate 7-14 days after your period. If my LMP was Jan.18th is it possible that I ovaulated a month later on feb.15th ( when my fertile days were suppost to be Jan 27th-Feb 1st? )
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Is 11 weeks and 5 days considered early??
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