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I think i need too loose 10 pounds...

I am 26w3d and I have gained 30 pounds!!! I can't believe it. I am so sad and upset about it. I went to put on my favorite  pair of work pants today and I couldnt even get them over my hips. I literally started crying on my work because of it. I should have only gained 16 to 22 pounds by now. I look in the mirror and my face is cubby and my legs have become HUGE. I went from a tiny 135lbs to over 165lbs. It's my fault entirely I need to stop eating what I want and start being more aware of what I am putting in my body. My question is I am thinking about going on a strick HEALTHY diet. Has anyone tried to loose extra weight they have put on during their pregnancy? I am concerned because I still have a whole 3 months left! At this rate my weight is going to be out of control  by the time I deliver. Not  to mention how intense labor is going to be if i am not healthy... what do you ladies think?
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Hey, I'm only about 25 weeks. I started at 138, now I'm up to 175 but it's all in my butt, chest and thighs. Lol I don't even look pregnant from the back so I didn't put on much weight in my mid section. I've been reading how to do healthier diets as well. I've been cooking every day, since I'm a stay at home wife but first trimester I was so fatigued I hardly woke up and when I did it was to eat or pee. A lot of bad eatings then.Now I've been reading thekindmama book and starting to follow some healthier recipes. It's more vegan but I implemented meat because I need the protein. They're great recipes on the skinnytaste.com. you don't necessarily have to eat like strict healthy, just lowering sodium intake and cutting down a little on carbs, plus adding more veggies makes a world of difference. I think I've gained more muscle than I have fat though. Still been on my normal workout routine and bitting the gym no less than 3 times a week.  
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Don't severely limit your caloric intake at this point - your baby needs fat and protein to grow his/her brain.  I don't know how tall you are,  whether for you 135 is heavy,   average weight,  or thin.  

At 26 weeks,  you shouldn't be able to put on your favorite pair of pre-pregnancy pants.  Very few women can, and those that can either carry their baby towards their back or their babies aren't average size.  You shouldn't be able,  at this point,  to wear pre-pregnancy pants.  

Rule of thumb is,  if you didn't have to worry about your weight before pregnancy,  you won't have to worry about it after.  If you struggled with keeping pounds off before pregnancy you will struggle a little more getting the pounds off.
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You don't need to loose anything! Keep your diet healthy for you and your baby and go for walks that's all that needs to be done during pregnancy. I always find I put on a bit more than they recommend and I've had 1 pregnancy where I didn't really exercise and ate okay and 1 pregnancy when I ate really well and exercised heaps. First time I put on like 20kgs and second time I put on 18kgs. Both times I never asked to see my weight until a few days before my due date. Lots of it can be water weight too :)
You'll be fine and there is always time later to loose it. I have an 8 month old and had to loose 8kgs to be my pre-pregnancy weight but got pregnant again. I always gain weight when I breastfeed but I never worry about it I'm growing my babies!!
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Lol, just start eating healthier. And exercise how ever much you can. I haven't been able to exercise much until a week or so ago due to my schedule.

I'm a size 0 pre preg and can't fit anything at all anymore at 29 weeks tomorrow. Well, flowy clothing like maxi dresses still fit lol. From behind, I don't even look pregnant or like I've gained much even though the app says I gained too much. By 5 pounds or so at each mark they have. I started out very lean so I'm heavier than I look and for my height anyway. Sideways or front, my tummy gives it away that I'm pregnant.

Just be glad its not 105 pounds like an acquaintance of mine. She gained a whole person in her pregnancy.
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Im 5'6" and dummy prepregnancy weight was 185 which I know wasnt the best but now at almost 33 weeks im up to 205 I feel terrible about it but I've ate healthy and drink a ton of water. my doctor says im just fine for the amount I've gained but whenb i went to wic the lady told me I was above what I should be which also didnt help. either way I can work to lose it after my baby because all that matters to me right now is keeping her happy and healthy.
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I gained 83 lbs with my first... 30 with my second, im currently 34 weeks with my third and only gained 10 lbs so far.

I never had a problem with weight before my first.. i was 100 lbs... i had a lot of trouble losing the weight after him... no problem after my second... dunno about my third...

Dont limit what you eat the baby needs all the calories and fat he or she can get. Dont worry about the weight gain. It will come off.
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Thanks you ladies for the advice. I feel a lot better. I think i am just going to change my eating habits and start walking more. My last pregnancy i had twins and i gained around 80 lbs. Although i was on bedrest the entire time. But it was so hard to loose it after i quit breastfeeding. It took forever to get off the weight. I just dont want it to be as hard as it was last time. :/
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Set a goal for after. I'm going to start training for a Spartan race, doing mma and weight train (which should melt off any fat gained) again as soon as I get the greenlight from my Dr. As per my mother, I'm doing a race in 6 months after giving birth instead of 3 months which I'll still train for assuming I'm well enough.
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I always gain 70 lbs. In each of my pregnancy. And lose it all after 4weeks without exercising. So, don't  stress. You'll lose it all right after:)
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