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I want to be so bad.......

I was recently pregnant. Unfortunantely I miscarried. I bled for a little over 5 weeks after it. I did not have a DNC. It passed naturaly.  I was wondering that if my husband and I had sex 2 weeks after I stopped bleeding, unprotected, could I be pregnant this soon after? If so, are there risks involved with being so this soon after? I have heard that women are very fertile after a miscarriage. How long does the high fertility last? My husband has cancer issues. We are trying before his chemo possibly starts again. So we are very limited as to how long we can try. I don't want to try too soon, but you can understand the time limits.
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Hi!  There is so much posted here, that I'm going to go with your original question.
Yes you can get pregnant right away.  Yes its OK to try right away.  I don't know of any statistics suggesting that you are extra-fertile, so have no opinion on how long that might last.

One suggestion I would make--has your husband been to a sperm bank?  Now is the perfect opportunity to "stock up" as you may want more than one child.

Irregular spotting/bleeding and little clots and tissue are very normal after a miscarriage.  You should experience a real cycle within 4-6 weeks after the tissue passed.  I would wait until you are very sure it is your period to start clomid.

Also, what does your doctor think about Femara--I have had better luck with that than with clomid.

All the best to you and your husband!

Dr B
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Today and yesterday I spotted. Today along with spotting there were a couple of small tissues. I guess that is what it was. So is this my period I have been waiting on to start the Clomid? Please help.
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Hi, I miscarried on the 31st of Aug. and my Husband and I decided to try as soon as I stopped bleeding. I'm guessing I ovulated about 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped and now I'm 7 weeks 6 days, I had an ultrasound 4 days ago and I saw the heartbeat and all is well...  So, yes, you can fall pregnant straight after a miscarriage!

I wish you all the best....

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can someone please help me understand if i have ectopic pregnancy;  i had 4 preg tests and its positive then when it was my time to have a transvaginal ultrasound no baby was found and these were the impressions :
retroverted uterus with myoma nodule as described
thin and intact endometrium
normal left ovary
consider hemorrhagic corpuz luteum cyst, right ovary as described...
Need help to at peace me
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Just a quick question. Did you have any spotting after conception? I spotted a little Saturday, Then a couple of time on Sunday with 2 small pieces of tissue. Now on Monday just very little on pad. It started a bright red on Saturday, but yesterday and today, it is dirty brown.
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I had a natural miscarriage (w/o the D&C) on Sept. 27, 2008 and I stopped bleeding on the 29th of Sept. then my I had unprotected sex on the first of Oct. 2008 and the of the 5th of Oct. 2008. I would like to know can I still get pregnant. HELP ME!!!!!
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I am so sorry to read your news. If you don't mind, how were you able to have sex so quickly after the miscarriage? Did you only bleed for those 2 days? I bled for a little over 5 weeks with mine. To answer your question, I don't know if you could or not. It would be hard to determine. If your HCG has not gone down, you wouldn't know what thee numbers would be.
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Hi. Thank  you so much for your reply. I have not been told about Fermara. My husband and I have discussed freezing his sperm along with trying incemination. My spotting and bleeding were from my period. I am now on my first period since my miscarriage. Today I went to my doctor. I started taking the Clomid.
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yeah i only bleed for only 2 to 3 days cuz i guess i wasnt that far into my preganacy and after that i had unprotected sex on the 1st of oct. and i been cramping but they are very light and having back pains and my stomach feels full but im not full (its feels like with you been holding your stomach in for a long time and then u let it go) im confused hould i buy a HPT
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I wouldn't get a HPT till you miss your period. When should it get here?
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hi me and my partner are trying to have a baby. we have had sex b4 and after my period. and i bleed somewhere around late September for 4 days and now on today Oct. 31 i am bleeding again. i thought i was pregnant but now im confused................
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