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The doc confirmed it this morning on u/s.
She said my baby girl is measuring up to what she should be at this point.
They bumped my due date another day ahead to the 2nd of October, instead of the 1st, but what's ONE DAY gunne hurt eh?
It's not like she's gunna come that day anyways.

Just thought I'd let y'all know.

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Congratulations have you picked any girls names?
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Hubby n I agreed for his last name.
Since we plan to marry in a few years... makes things easier.

But we're going with Ivy Lynn Chipman.
[[Chipman's his last name.]]
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Its a very lovely name.
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thats a beautiful name
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Ivy is a lovely name. Congratulations you must be so excited!!!!!
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What a beautiful name. And congratulations!!! Team pink is one baby bigger!!! I get to find out tomorrow, I cant wait.
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CONGRATS!!! Girls are so much fun and I LOVE the name Ivy! :)
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Congrats...and a beautiful name!
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Thanks ladies!
I'm really glad yall like the name.

Hubby's mother is throwing a tantrum over the fact that we're "Naming our daughter after a plant."
We're just like wtf?!

We picked Ivy because, coming from the parents who are pagen... we wanted a strong, yet natural name... and Ivy was perfect.
And Lynn we got from my mother's middle name.
She's also a very spirtual person.
So I think the name is very positive.
Not stupid.

I hate ignorant people.
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Some people JUST love to complain and rain on other people's parades!  She's probably just jealous that the baby's middle name is after your mom and not her lol!  Well, the next time she brings it up you can say that all the ladies on medhelp thought it was lovely!
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Congratz on your little girl... Wishing you a great rest of your pregnancy...
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i love the name, someone always has something to say about a name..why they feel the need to give their opinion..who knows? dont let it bother you, i think its cute!
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lol I told her that everyone else likes the name but her.
And it's our baby... so she'll just have to get over it.

I went into walmart the other day with my mom and we were going nuts looking at all the cute lil baby cloths! lolol!
But it's too bad cuz I'm having a fall baby... so I don't get those cute lil summer cloths till next year. lol.
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