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IUD and heavy bleeding
i'm 24 and have never been pregnant.
I had a copper IUD put in a little over a month ago. For he first two weeks my symptoms were light :Light spotting and minor cramps. then I started to bleed, heavily, just straight blood not at all like my period with sever cramps and fatigue.
it lasted five days and i ended up scared in the emergency room, mildly anemic.
they checked me out, said that they couldn't understand why i was bleeding so much but that it can happen when the uterus is irritated. that this happens so often its considered a normal side effect and can l;ast up to six months, sometimes a year after insertion. they suggested i get it removed.
I took supplements for iron and a large amount of evening primrose - and within 24 hours  everything stopped.
Now I'm over a week late for my period and worried (i'm usually very regular). They did a urine sample atthe hospital so two weeks ago i was not pregnant/
I've had no cramps or any indication that my period is coming (which also are very regular)
is this a side effect of the iud?
could it have been the stress on my body?
is this also one of the many side effects i wasn't prperly warned about ?

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If you were my patient, I would not have chosen a copper IUD for you!
In fact, I don't use them very often at all because of the side effects.  They don't usually make the periods late though. Usually they just make regular periods heavier.  If you were my patient,I would do a pregnancy test first. then I would do a transvaginal ultrasound to  check to see if it is in the proper position.  I would also evaluate the lining of the uterus to see approximately where you are in your cycle.  (In other words, did the IUD re-set your cycle?).
Then, if you wanted to keep the IUD, I would wait and watch and see what happens over the next several weeks.  OR remove the IUD and discuss a different method!
I hope this helps!
Good luck!
Dr B
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