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Id like to know

Im just curious.  If you had intercouse and your spouse ejaculates inside of you, and then you start to bleed or have your period the next day.  Does the blood clear out all the sperm ?? and dims your chances of becoming pregnant ??? .
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Hi there

You can only get pregnant on certain fertile days in your cycle.
If you have a 28 day cycle then your fertile days will be day 9 to day 16. Sounds like yours was day 28 so you should be pretty safe be more careful next time though
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i have seen on a website that it is possible to become pregnant while on your cycle. something bout your crevix being open. That's a good question maybe call your ob, i think i am.
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well I am trying to conceive again . I just recently lost a baby stillborn girl at 27w&5d on aug 28,2011 . and I bled for 2 weeks after . had intercouse on sept 19th and then oct 2nd and I had very heavy brown discharge with light bleeding on oct 1st & 2nd & then began bleeding moderate . not like my usual period I would be wayy heavier than this . idk if this is decidual bleeding or what . I took 2 HPT and both neg but I read that, decidual bleeding may give a false neg . I am going to see my doc oct 11 for my pp check up
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If you are trying to conceive do it in your fertile days.
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Your most likely not pregnant only cuz your period came the next day and the sperm will die within days, which is way before your next ovulation
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Your "normal period" may be different after mc....I doubt you are pregnant again since you were 27 weeks your hormone level was pretty high...it takes some time for if to drop down. You will not ovulate until your levels are back at zero. Just for general information. Most people typically ovulate anywhere from 10-20 days after the first day of your period. So you need to have sex after your period to get pregnant. You will more then likely ovulate 14 days before your next period starts...so if there is 28 days between the first day of your period to the first day of your next period you should have sex on day 14. So if you have a ty[ical 28 day cycle have sex days 12-15 to maximize your chances. Also..I have heard you better your chances with morning sex lol SSBD

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Hi there
Really sorry to hear of your loss you must be totally devastated! :(

My mum suffered similar losses at 51/2 months and 9months when I was aged 6 and 8.  It was really horrible and it is the only time I have ever seen my dad cry apart from when his mum died.

I hope you and your partner are both  getting counselling for this as that is so important.

My Mum had no counselling , wasn't allowed to see or hold either of her babies and the hospital just took the bodies away and disposed of them so no funeral either!!!  She still hasn't got over it and is in her 70's now. They treated her really badly . I remember her having to give away all the new baby things to her sister who had a baby a few years later and me and my sister got to have the pram for our dollies to play with which must have broke her heart.

I hope you got treated a lot better when you suffered your loss and I really wish you the best of luck concieving again and carrying to full term with a healthy baby at the end :)

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okay thank you . I just had my period from oct 2nd to 8 and I had sex about 5 times . since then is that good enough I think trying is done lol . see if that helps :) hopefully it does

- and thank you & wow I feel so bad for her. I got to hold her get some closer had a memorial for her and got her cremated .. & no I didnt see anyone to talk to I'm handling it with my fiancé just fine . just one day at a time
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Good luck ....fingers crossed for you.  xx
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no it does not. you are able to conceive before during and after your period. at any time really. depending on the female. when you ovulate is basically your MOST fertile days. doesnt mean its impossible to become pregnant other days of the month. if you started your period a few days after you had sex, you may still become pregnant, the sperm lives up to 3 days in a female body, and it takes approximately 12 days for the fertilized egg to implant on your uterus. there fore your body probably doesnt know that you are pregnant yet so it is continuing on its normal cycle
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