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If you have had a C Section....

Okay so I had an emergency C/S on the 8th (two days ago). Well I have been in a lot of pain which I assume is normal. I got up and walked around since that night and walk around on my own. How much pain meds did you take and for how long? My bf is making me feel bad because I am taking them. I asked him to let the nurse know I need more and he asked if I am even in pain and if I am just taking advantage of it. I take 2 percocets every 4 hours and 1 oxycodine in between for the pain. I feel like im doing something wrong now.
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Wow how rude of him! Of course you're in pain, you just had surgery to have your baby! You aren't doing anything wrong by what I'm thinking. I'm a ftm though, but that's my opinion.
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My friend had a c section and she was in pain for two weeks. You just had a major surgery so of course it hurts. You're not doing anything wrong. You know what's best for you.
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I had a morphine drip the first two days then sent home percocet, which I only took that  day. I was fine within a free days, mostly because my boys were in the nicu, so I spent time there with the nurses who's help me... Healing was a breeze for me. But I agree   its major surgery, they cut  through alot and then stitch you inside, then either glue, staple or stitch you  outside... I was glued and I was told that also made healing quicker
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i had shots for pain (not sure of the name) the first day of my c-section, later that night i was taking tylenol 3s and ibuprofen alternating every 4 hours for 2 days and was sent home with the same stuff and used it for one day. i healed really well and had minimal pain, but everyone heals differently, my sister took her medicine for well over a week, i also took the ibuprofen once in a while the first week when i overdid it cleaning or chasing my kids around. remind him you just got 9 different layers of your skin cut open and sewed back together individually, its a major abdominal surgery!! you take medicine as you need it! have your doctor explain it to him if you need to. congratulations and i hope you heal well!
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I was on perks while in the hospital, 2 every 4 hours, and i was in the hospital for 5 days and on bed rest. Then got sent home with oxycodones and have been on those for 6 days, 1 every 4 hours like clock work. If i don't then i am in a ridiculous amount of pain. I had my little man march 30 and today is the first day i haven't taken any pain meds. The docs said i hurt so bad because i was in such good shape before being prego that they had to cut through more muscle than other people.
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I was in pain on and off until 6 weeks after he was born. It was hell plus i bled alot too. I would spot then bleed heavy then spit then bleed real heavy for 6 weeks as well
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