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I'm going to get the H1N1 vaccine tomorrow....

My OB recommended it, so I called my doctor's office and made an appointment to get one.  The thing is, I can only get the one with adjuvent - I'm in Canada and apparently our government just ordered a bunch of doses from Australia that don't contain the adjuvent...but they aren't yet available.  

Being that I'm over 20 weeks pregnant now, I don't think it matters whether it's got the adjuvent in it or not - at least that's what I read on the Health Canada website.

I wasn't feeling too worried about H1N1 until I was at a mall this past weekend, in line at a store, and noticed that the woman in line in front of me was wearing a FACE MASK.  That make me think....hhhhm, maybe I should take this whole thing more seriously....

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its defiantly worth while getting it, especially since you will be protecting your baby when its born. my little one is 10weeks now and me and my dh had our shots the other day.
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Did they say how long it would take for the adjuvent free one's to arrive and available to the public? Here in the States, they won't even order those ones. We do however have the one's with the preservative thimerosal in them which really isn't a big deal since a piece of fish contains more mercury than the shot. I recieved the vaccine last week and DH and DS got the nasal mist yesterday.
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Good for you!  I'm proud of you for getting it.  I got mine a few weeks ago.  The flu shots do not cross the placenta and the CDC has verified that.  But, with all the media hype and rumors circulating about the vaccine, pregnant women are terrified to get it.  And, I understand their fears.  No mother wants to do anything that might harm their children.  
Anyway, good for you!  I'm proud of you.
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I think it is worth getting it!  I got mine Wednesday, didn't have any bad symptoms afterward, not even a sore arm.  I am still going to avoid as much public places as I can being it takes 7 to 10 days for the antibodies to build up.  I feel good knowing that my baby will also have some immunity to the H1N1 virus when she is born, especially being I am due December 2nd and she has to go through the flu season.
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Thanks, everyone :-)  

The adjuvent-free version is supposed to be available by mid-November, I think...possibly sooner.  When I went to get mine this morning, the nurse explained that there is no additional danger to the baby or I from having the one with adjuvent, especially now that I'm in the 3rd trimester.  My arm is sore from having it, but overall I feel good about getting it.  Now I'm just trying to get DS (who's 3 and is in a daycare full-time and therefore exposed to a lot of things), in.  DH would also like to get it, but they're only doing "high risk" people at our GP's office right now - the alternative is to attend one of the public health clinics where the crowds are huge and the waits can be as long as 6 hours!!  
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I received the mercury free H1N1 shot the other day. my doc specifically told me not to get the one with mercury in it, same with the seasonal flu shot.

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They let DH get his b/c I'm due in the middle of flu season - I would call your health dept. and tell them you are due soon and was wondering since then you'll have a newborn in the house if he falls under the high risk category. Worked for us! Also, the adjuvent and the preservative ones are not the same. The one with the mercury based preservative has less mercury in it than a piece of fish (one piece of fish contains more mercury than the vaccine does). But I'm glad you got it!!!
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they have a h1n1 shot specifically for pregnant women. when i got mine they gave me a special one with a low dose of mercury...my mom got her's too but it has normal mercury in it. no need to worry! swine flu is far more dangerous than that shot.
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