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Implantation Bleeding

I am experiencing what I assume to be implantation bleeding (however it seems a little too early for that!), and I am Rh-.  Does anyone know if I need to get a rhoGam shot for implantation bleeding?
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I don't know about needing the shot for it, BUT just wanted to say that it's not as common as you may think to experience implantation bleeding. When I was trying for my second baby, I had spotting three times, the last time I ended up pregnant that month so I ASSUME it was implantation spotting, but you never can be 100% sure. It's impossible to tell WHEN the egg implants. I had a few streaks of red blood when I found out I was pregnant, which was the exact same as the other two months when I wasn't. I'm positive I didn't have chemical pregnancies, because I was testing early AND got my period the day it was due both times. The month I got pregnant, I had spotting 5, 6, and 10 days after ovulation. Two months before I had spotting 4, 5, and 6 days after, but wasn't pregnant that month. So it is possible you are pregnant and experiencing implantation bleeding, I would wait until you're due to start your period before testing, and you should call your dr to ask about the shot.
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OK, thank you. I have never had spotting between cycles, and didn't have any spotting with my first two pregnancies.  My LMP was August 20th, and according to a handy app on my phone, I should have ovulated around Sept 6th.  My cycles are typically 32-34 days. The spotting started on the 8th (and only noticed it when I went to the bathroom...nothing at all in my underwear) and last I noticed it was Sunday night.  It seems a little early if it is implantation, but I'm optimistic nonetheless.  I will call my midwife to try to get an appt to discuss the rhogam shot.  Thanks!
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When I found out I was pregnant, I had spotting from 5-9dpo, and then got my bfp on 10dpo. I then continued to bleed for almost the rest of the trimester due to low progesterone and a possible subchorionic hematoma. So, whether or not it was actually implantation bleeding, I'll never know. But, only 30% of pregnant women experience it, but it is common to spot midcycle and/or during pregnancy.  If you're only 7dpo roughly, it could be implantation, but it could easily be something else. I don't think you need rhogam until close to 28 weeks and after a miscarriage, but I could be wrong. I doubt you would need it if it is implantation bleeding.
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I am not sure about the rhogam shot.. What I can say is that I am rh- as well and for this pregnancy, I had spotting (which I have assumed ot be implantation bleeding) around CD 27... since i was ovulating later, this was around 9-10 DPO.. It was very little, it was there when I wipe so i put on a panty liner assuming it was AF coming and like 2 hours later, there was like a light beige on the panty liner and that was it...  I kept wiating for AF to come and when she didnt show on CD 33 I took a test and it was postiive..

I didnt get a rhogam shot for this because I didnt think about it.. But I tested negative for antibodies at the beginning of this pregnancy and I tested negative for antibodies at 28 weeks when I got my standard Rhogam...

You could call and generally ask if you would be required to get rhogam if oyu had what you thought was implantation bleeidng but i doubt you would need it... Your embryo wouldnt even really have blood to mix with yours at that time.
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