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In laws complaining about name

Is anyone else's in laws giving then crap about what you have decided to name your baby. Mine are, I told them why do they feel the need to put their inputs and they said because it's a weird name that we need to name our son Miguel or something more common lol. I told them just because we are hispanic does not mean we have to give our kids hispanic names. They think we are wrong about that. My grandma (who adopted me so I call her mom) was born in Mexico and she's not even complaining about the name she likes it because it's not a common name. I'm just over hearing their crap. He is our child and will have the name we give him.
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My in laws like the name. Its my own parents and brother who are telling me I should give my baby an "American" name. We are naming her Noemi Xochitl.
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My mother didn't say anything when we picked names tjen when we found out it was a boy she told me to my face that she was glad it was a boy cause the girl name we picked was stupid. I cried when i got home cause i really liked the name :(
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Yes ! Omg my MIL is so rude about the names my bf && I picked . I got tired of hearing EVERYDAY how "stupid" && "ugly" the names were that I straight told her "fine , we'll name the baby after you . That's the only way you'll ever be happy" she shut up && hasn't said anything since , thank god . But I know when I find out the gender in 2 weeks she'll start back up .
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We are naming our son Dominic Leonidas and we think it is a very strong name for our son.
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I love the name Dominic ! That was a boy name on the list I made for names to consider (:  we picked Jaiden Carson for a boy && Alaina Grace for a girl .
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Jmv143 thats what we're naming our son Dominic Moore its a great name i think you should stick with it
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My in laws laugh and make jokes and it pisses me off. I feel like telling them not to even bother to drive 26 hrs to meet their grandson which is their 2nd grandson.  They didn't give my sister in law crap but because she named her son after his dad.
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I love that name it is very strong. We get crap too bc they don't like what I'm naming my son. Josiah Nicodemus. To me it sounds like a strong name too. I want a different nice name not something common
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Ty I love the name and I like the names you all have chosen for your babies.
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Aww that's my 4 year olds name I call him mommys lil domi :)
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I love the name Josiah our friend's nephew is named Josiah and he is a wonderful little boy.
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Nope but thats because we are keeping it a secret just for that reason.  I would flip out and told them they aren't pushing the baby out of their vaginas so they dont get an input. They had their chance and now its mine. Mh mom knows better though.
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My daughter's name is Victoria Camil and it just so happens that both or kids will have names of a king and Queen which I think it so cute.
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That's what I told my mother n law and she said 1. I wasn't even around and 2. She wouldn't have cared what I thought about her kids names. That's wen I told her that's exactly how I feel.
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We're naming our little one Keegan Maverick. We haven't heard anything negative about his name. Other than a." Really...  why Keegan??" by my mom.. everyone loves it! We also made it very very clear that he's our son and we will name him what we please and if they don't like it then thats just too damn bad. lol. If Im going to carry him for months on end and raise him, I think as long as it's not a really out there name, I cant even see why anyone would think it weird haha
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I like Keegan Maverick the middle name is very unique.
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My opinion is your in laws have nothing to do with the name. Choose the name you want for your child. I have only told you  ladies the name of my child plus my boyfriend. I could care less about what anyone has to say about the name. We well I decided im not telling anyone our name until I deliver
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I had the opposite issue - my dad and my uncle don't like our son's name because it's too common. He's even named after my dad and our second son will be after my uncle! I have to say it could be worse, though. They just told me they didn't like it - they don't constantly rag on me for it.
I'm sorry you're going through this - just remember, he isn't their son. HE'S ALL YOURS :-)
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I'm due May 8th and I wouldn't change my son's name for them or anyone else. Like you ladies said we are the ones carrying them and will be raising them so no one should have an input.
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My in laws have big opinions about everything and yet they won't even come visit their grandkids. Last pregnancy my mother in law wouldn't talk to my hubby for 5 months because he told her to shut up about the name. So this time around we told her we're naming the baby Gidget and get over it. She cried. I think its hilarious because in reality we still don't have a name picked out. But I also don't have the stress of her calling twice a week with a list of suggestions. It was always the same ones and on the list of 10, 7 of them were some form of Lexi or Alexis.  
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Your son middle is my grandfather name I love it
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Lol Gidget nice one.
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Mine dident give me crap about it they just told me they wish I would of picked out simething a little more easy for my mother In law who is in mexico. Im naming my son Ian Andres. Ian just because ive always love that name and Andres after his dad. So when they started saying how it was going to be hard for my mother in law to remember it. My husband jumped in and said it wasent a problem she could just call him.by his second name. And they havent said anything since. My family in the other hand love the name ian. Is simple and cute.
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My mil has the worst taste in names who names there son Jose Maria so she has no input and I let her know that she wanted me to name my Lil girl Salem? ?? But her name will be Bailey and I've had my girl names picked before I met her son and he knew that when we started talking about kids I had delany first and now girl #2 is bailey and I'm done!
Ur mil and whoever else is cray cray if they think they get a opinion cause there not going to be screaming it when the kid is bad or won't get out of the toys at McDonald's so it's so up to u mamma!
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