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What are some of the reasons why a doctor suggests inducing someone?
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I was induced because my watee broke early...they had to start contractions...
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They might induce me because I have a medical condition (asthma) that might affect the baby's well-being. If the risks of being born early are less than the risks of being inside me with my oxygen issues, they'll induce me to get her out.
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I wonder the same thing...
I heard in some states it's illegal to induce before 39 weeks unless there's a medical reason for it.
Hope I don't get any early surprises...
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Unless there is a medical emergency (low amniotic fluid, pre-eclampsia, etc.) there is absolutely no need to induce before 40 weeks (really before 42). Doctors induce way more than they should now-a-days and it is leading to an increase in low birth weight and short-term breathing problems in newborns.
"Invalid" reasons for induction- a "large" baby according to ultrasound-- these are very unreliable at the end of pregnancy and can be off by quite a few pounds either way.
2) You're "late"-- due dates are just a guess based on a national average of 28 day cycle and ovulation on day 14, obviously not every woman has this cycle so the due date could be off by a week or even more (like I often ovulate on cd 25 that's 11 days later than what they are "calculating" me to be).
3) Convenience- just because the doc you want is going to be out of town on your due date, or you have an important event coming up does not mean you should get an induction.

Inductions carry a risk of uterine rupture, fetal distress, higher c-section rates, and much more painful contractions. An induction is not guaranteed to work- if your body is not ready than there is only so much a drug can do and you will end up with a c-section.
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Usually just for medical reasons or being too late. Or if you're having multiples. I was induced 4 days early though bc I had absolutely no one to watch my oldest unless I knew what day ahead of time so they could get off work and no ride to the hospital unless I was taking my son with me in an ambulance and a nurse was going to watch him. I do not miss those days of no support whatsoever but I do kind of wish my son could've come out on his own timing.
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I got induced at 39w2d with my son because my contractions would not get any closer together and I would not dialate any further than 3 (after contracting for four days) and my heart rate was in the 150s and his was dropping so they induced me to make sure we were both safe and healthy. Everything went fine and we both went home the next day we were both just under distress and inducing me probably saved both our lives. But yeah other than drastic medical reasons they shouldn't be inducing anyone until after their due date.
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I was just curious because only a few people that I know personally have actually gone through the whole labor process without being induced. It just seems like that is what doctors want to do. I'd be too scared to be induced. I want my labor to be a surprise :)
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