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Does anyone know ways to naturally induce labor, besides sex, walking, castor oil and eating spicy food? I've been in early labor for the past week and a half. Im SO uncomfortable, and my back is constantly bothering me. Im always sick. I just want my baby girl to be here. I'm 39 weeks and Ik all of u r gonna say just one more week, stick it out. But it really in unbearable. I feel like I cant do anything, and I rarely even want to eat because Im just in such discomfort. Please help mommies!
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your pressure points in your feet, go and have them done...
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do u know exactly where they are? I've tried the webbing between my pointer and thumb but it didn't do anything besides feel really weird.
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there is nipple stimulation, walking, doing jumping jacks
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Tried jumping jacks, all that did was make me have to pee lol. I've been walking a HELL of a lot but baby decides to lay on my sciatic so I have to stop :/
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its in the skin behing your ankle bone, but your better off getting someone else to do it because you wont be able to do it hard enough on yourself, when I had mine done I nearly hit the rood, it was so tender and the guy that did it really canned them, I was in labour 4 hrs later, if you can combine it with a foot massage :)
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idk where i'd get them done though :/
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is there any reflexology pl near you or a pl that does foot massage or a massage therapist, you would only need to book for a 1/2hr app
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I dont believe so, not for feet or anything. I will look into it though, thanks :)
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any other suggestions?
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if you cant find any pl get your partner to give you a foot rub using oil, then  go back and forth on the skinny fleshy part behind your ankle bones, and also squeeze them in the same spots hard, do it for about 15 min then give yourself a break and re-do it a couple of times over the night/day if you want to jump through the roof while its being done (the squeezing part) then you have the right spot !!
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its more the inside fleshy part but its easier to do the whole thing together :)
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