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I went to the doctor this afternoon and had a sonogram done. The baby's head is very very low, they couldnt even get a full measurment of it! I am dialated 2 cm and my cervix is very thin. My doctor says if I dont have her by Wednesday night to be at the hospital at 6:30 am on Thursday April 17th and she would induce me. I am so excited but so very scared...So if I dont meet my little girl before thurs, I will have her April 17th! Has anyone ever been induced before? I would just like to know a little about it. Is it a fast process or slow? What all do they do? I am just very curious as to what I have to look foward to. I will not be able to sleep wed. night knowing I am having my little girl the next day. It is a very different feeling knowing exactly when it is going to happen, then not knowing at all....but I am very happy and cant wait. Just thought I would let everyone know the good news :)
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I can tell you about induction based on the experience of my SIL and a friend. Induction can be slow and sometimes not even work.

First they'll strip your membranes. Basically your doctor will do a pelvix exam to see how dilated you are and while there, they'll take their finger and gently detach the bag of waters from the cervix. This may cause your water to break (which then means you HAVE to have baby! YAY!). Stripping your membranes causing a hormonal reaction which sends your body into labor because a certain chemical is released.

Anyway, they'll hook you up to an IV (for fluids) and will start a Pitocin drip. Pitocin acts as a stimulus for contractions. It can cause very painful contractions. At some point you can get an epidural.

From there you basically just wait to dilate and for baby to come!!! They may break your water at some point as well.

Induction can take longer than average or shorter than average. Every single birth is different.
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JoyRenee gave a great explanation!  And I agree, every baby and every birth is different.

I was induced with my 10 year old daughter (so that's how long ago it was).  It was my first pregnancy, and I was scared to death!  I never had contractions and my cervix never dilated before I was induced that day.

They told me to get to the hospital at 7:00am, but they didn't start Pitocin until 1:00pm.  The suspense was killing me!  I didn't sleep the night before either because I was too excited!  Anyway, my doctor broke my water while doing an exam shortly after.  I thought the contractions were really strong a few hours later, but the nurses kept telling me it was going to be atleast 10-15 hours before the baby would be born.  I felt a lot of pressure, and after complaining profusely the nurse finally checked me again.  I had dilated from 2 to 10 in 45 minutes, and the doctor and nurses could not believe it.  I didn't even have time to get an epidural, but I'm glad now that I didn't have to.  My daughter was born at 5:33pm!

I do realize how lucky I am, and I have heard many different stories from friends and family.  My sister was born just 7 minutes after my parents got to the hospital.  My doctor told me that I need to get to the hospital ASAP next time I have a baby.  (Who knows when that will be!)  If I can do it without drugs, anyone can do it without drugs!  I am the biggest baby, and I can't even stand getting my blood taken!

I hope your labor and delivery is quick and easy!  No matter what happens, it is worth all of the pain when you finally get to see and hold your baby for the first time!  Words cannot describe the feelings and emotions and all of the love that you have for your child!  It will be a wonderful experience that you will never forget!
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A friend of mine had to be induced and it took 36 hours for her give birth. My water broke so I ended up having to be induced. For me it was very quick once I took the picotin she was out within 4 hours with only 20 minutes for pushing. But every person and pregnancy is different so what happens for one person may not happen for you.
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well I hope I get as lucky as some :)
Thank you for all the information...very helpful!! I will let everyone know how it goes and when my little girl is finally here!
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Congrats and Good Luck!!
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i was induced it hurt like crazy i dont want to frighten u for some people it hurts i had the epidural it didnt work for me am only gettin induced if its' an emergency
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