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Induction and dates question

I am scheduled to be induced on Thursday, the 14th. According to my doctor, I will be 39 weeks, 4 days. I am about 4 cm dilated and 100 % so and this is my 4th child and I have had fast labors before so he feels I could have a very quick labor this time around. They will break the membranes and hopefully that's all it will take.

I have a question about dates.  My first appointment was with another doctor and he said my due date was 10/23.  I had had just one period since weaning my son so I'm not sure how accurate this was. My first ultrasound was on 2/21 and the gestational sac was 10.10 mm, which would make my due date around 10/18. This corresponds to about 6 weeks, I think?  My next ultrasound was a couple of weeks later and he then said my due date was 10/18 and that is what we have kept. I had an ultrasound at 17 weeks and 24 weeks and they both corresponded to the 10/18 date, though I from what I understand, these later u/s are not as accurate.

My questions are:  What if the due date is actually 10/23? Would a 10/14 induction be too early and compromise the baby?  I have read that babies born even at 39 weeks could have breathing or neurological problems and 10/14 would put me at under 39 weeks.

My doctor doesn't seem concerned about whether the due date is 10/18 or 10/23, am I overreacting? Should I postpone the induction or are there real risks associated with a very fast labor that is not managed in hospital?  My last two deliveries were between 3-4 hours but I was not induced and I was not so dilated when active labor began. Could I stay at 4+ cm for another week or so?

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There is always a margin of error with ultrasound, but by the time a baby is 39 weeks along, we doctors are fairly certain that they will be fine.  There is always a chance that something could be off, but most of the problems that you read about in the literature are c-section deliveries and not natural deliveries.

Realistically, unless you live very far away from your hospital, you could probably make it in time, but I have had some very close calls, and more than one baby delivered by nursing personnel.  They do a wonderful job and the babies have always done fine.  It usually is a great story to tell as the years go by too.

In your circumstances, I don't think you can really go wrong.  I suspect that whatever you decide to do, your baby will be fine--just decide what is going to be least nerve-wracking for you and your spouse--he may have a strong opinion too!

Good luck and congratulations!
Dr B
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