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Infection reason for miscarriage?

In June I had a miscarriage at about 13 weeks.  We discovered that there was no heartbeat at my 14 week visit.  I had a D&E on the 22nd.  I'm 37, so our first thought was that there was probably a genetic abnormality.  However, genetic tests were done after and they came back as a normal male.  At the time, I had a severe tooth abscess.  It was one that had been treated several times with antibiotics.  I was putting off the dental work because it was from a cracked root and the only remedy was a bridge. The infection was up into the sinus area.  Could this type of infection be to blame?  I have three other children and all three pregnancies were normal.  Also, I waited until after 1 normal cycle to begin ttc again.  I am not pregnant yet and of my other pregnancies, one of them took 2 months and the others, including the one I lost, took only one. Should I be concerned that I am not pregnant yet or is this a normal time frame following a D&E?
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It is very unlikely your pregnancy loss was related to a tooth infection.  

There is no "normal" time after a D&E to achieve conception.  Every pregnancy is different, and sometimes the factors necessary to achieve a pregnancy change , especially as people age.  
Keep working on timed intercourse and stay encouraged.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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Hi i was reading your post. i just wanted to let you know i too had a dnc on june 22nd. my babies heart just stopped for no apparent reason at 8 weeks 3 days. i am pregnant again. with this pregnancy i'm very worried the same thing is going to happen. june 22nd is a bad day for the both of us. hang in there. you'll be pregnant again in no time. give it a another month or two.
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I had a similar experience .. at 12 week visit we heard the heartbeat ... saw the ultrasound ..everything seemed normal .. 16 week visit there was no heartbeat .. ultrasound showed baby stopped growing at 12 weeks ... we are awaiting genetic test results .. I had no signs whatsoever .. apart from nausea reducing - which is expected around that time ...  I wish there were answers ... if only someone could tell us why and what we could do to prevent it the next time ....
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I'm sorry to hear about your losses.  I guess sometimes there are just no answers.  The worst part of that is that if I get pregnant again, I will wonder at every visit if the heart beat will still be there. I would love to know exactly what caused it so that next time I can correct or avoid what ever the reason was.  I had my other 3 children with me during that visit.  They are 4, 7 & 9.  I thought they would enjoy hearing the heartbeat...no, the 22nd was not a good day at all!  

However, from reading posts like these, I have learned that this happens quite a lot (although that doesn't make it any easier) and most of the time, successful pregnancies do follow.  I wish both of you lots of luck!!
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hey ladies....
I too am waiting genetic test results - my d and c was on 10/23.  Does anyone know how long these test usually take?  I am soooo anxious.  I too had seen a heartbeat (although slow) at 8w1d, but baby measured 6w1d - then began bleeding quite consistantly and heavilly and eventually lost the HB and had the D and C....
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i am with you all... i am 25 years old and had a d and c on sept. 28.  this was our first child... she measured 13 weeks, but i was 15 weeks.  my husband and i NEVER thought that this would happen to us.  but, who does?  apparently our baby was unable to undergo genetic testing, so we can only assume that there was something different about her.  i don't know how long it takes to get those results back, but i would have to imagine that you will be able to find out at your post operative appointment (roughly 2 weeks from the day of the d and c).  for those of you who already have children, is there a general appointment schedule that is recommended?  for example, are you supposed to be seen specifically at 6 weeks, then 9, then 15... etc.  
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I think my results took a little over 2 weeks to come back.  The 2 week mark ran into the July 4th weekend, so I think it took a little longer.  My doctor had said he would call, but when he hadn't at exactly 3 weeks, I called him and they were in.

As for appointment schedules, it varies with Drs.  I had a different OB with my first two children and he was very different than the OB I have now.  
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