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Is 14 months too early to start potty training?

Hey all....
My dd is 14 months and LOVES to follow me into the bathroom. As I am using the toilet, she usually sits on the floor in front of me. I figured I'd buy a seat for her so she can at least sit on it as she sees me doing it.
What do you think?
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My dd always followed me into the bathroom as well.  I bought a sesame street potty seat to put on our toilet (the little kid potty was of no interest to her) and she was excited to have such a neat potty seat.  She, at about 2 years of age started pooping in the potty right away.  Now at three years of age, she is finally wanting to pee in the potty, thank goodness.  They will let you know when they are ready to potty train.  My pediatrician told me that when they start announcing that they are wet/poopy it is time to start training and that if they resist or fight it to not force the issue because it can cause setbacks or anxiety issues.  I say give it a try and see how it goes.  Every child is different.  Good luck to you.
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My son' went from one day to the next.  We had the potty out for months and he would use it on and off.  One day he just started going everytime he needed to and we never insisted.  He never had an accident in bed either (although accidents are completely normal).  He's 11 now but I remember how sudden it was and thinking it would never happen.   He was trained completely be 2 1/2.  From one day to the next...just like that.  Good luck.  
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Nope, I think as soon as the show intrest in it. My daughter was 11 months and has been pooping on the potty ever since :-)  she is 2 and a half now and is fully potty trained except during the night and naps
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I have bought a potty for my 1 year old (haven't tried it yet) but would like to have her potty trained by May when new baby gets here. I just feel like they are so small :) Let me know what works for your 14 month old. Books on the potty should work really well..
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i didn't potty train my son until he could get on and off the toilet on his own.  (he's 11 now, i don't remember how old he was at the time)

but its very cool that your little one is showing interest,  as long as your dd is supervised so she doesnt fall off and hurt herself let her try.  
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yeah...one of the signs is when they follow you to the bathroom...so i think i'll give it a try...ya have to start sometime...right?
i have another little baby due in feb. so if i can start the process now...i think that will help me out...right?
buying a book is another good idea...my dd loves to have books read to her...so i should read it to her while she is sitting on it....
i'll keep you posted...
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my sister was fully potty trained by 18 months so i guess if you think the baby is ready for it ... there is no harm in trying and if they show no interest in it try again at a later time
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Another idea for you is a sticker board. We put a poster board on the wall above the toilet. Everytime she goes potty, she gets a sticker. She absolutely loves it! After about a month of our board she's almost fully potty trained (except at nite).
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Another Idea too is a Potty Pass.... We wrote on a card LiLy's Big Girl Potty Pass... and Whenever she went potty we let her use the hole puncher to punch a hole in it.... once she got so many holes in her pass she got to go to chucky cheese.
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