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Is a miscarriage underway?

My girlfriend is about 8 weeks pregnant give or take and is experiencing severe( she says on a scale of 1-10, its an 8) pain in the pelvic area.  She also has really bad back pain, a little worst than what it is normally during her pregnancy and has some other symptoms of pregnancy like frequent urination, headaches, etc.  She said the pain is not dull and that it is an extremely sharp pain.

She had a miscarriage on 4/14/08 and said this pain she is having now is just like the one she had when she had a miscarriage before.  When she had her miscarriage in april she was around 8 weeks too.  She had bleeding in april the day that she expereienced her miscarriage in april but this time does not have any bleeding.  Please help me in what is going on here.  She is going to the doctors tommorrow.  Thank  you all, God Bless.
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soo your girlfriend went to the doctors and it was confirmed she was 8 weeks pregnant. ive been following your other post in the 20 and under forum. and you have not updated it as of yet im lost.
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No maam I appreciate you following my story, the 20 & under  forum has reached its limit for the day so i posted here.  She is planning to go to the doctor's tommorow, I don't know if she is actually 8 weeks pregnant, it's just an estimation.  The fact that we are going to the doctor's tomorrow and that this is happening is just coincidental.Thank You, God bless.  
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charrison- i was following your story as well on the other forum.  unfortunately pains in the pelvis and back as signs of miscarriage but also signs of a healthy pregnancy also.  if the pains are consistent and unbearable then there could be something wrong.  and if these pains are followed by bleeding, then she needs to go to the doctor;s or the ER right away.

did you speak to her yet and discuss you 2's sexual encounters and if it indeed could have been you that got her pregnant?
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oh i see thank you for clarifying that for me :) it could be a miscarriage but since there is no bleeding then theres not much to worry about. make sure to ask the doctor about all your questions you may have :) good luck tomorrow keep us updated oh and i was wondering after the first miscarraige when did she get her period after that
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and when i said theres not much to worry about i mean like leighanne said it could be  a miscarraige and it could mean a healthy pregnancy. thers nothing you can do to stop a miscarrage from happening if the pain does get worse and she starts to bleed that would be a casue for concern and she should go to the er asap
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Thank you. Not exactly, I am not so concerned about that right now though.  I just spoke to her and she said the pain is getting much worse and is not subsiding, please any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, and god bless.
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have her take tylenol for the pain nothing but tylenol tho. and if it gets worse maybe she needs to go to the ER now!
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I think you two need to go to the ER if the pain is really as bad as it is being described.  She could have an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that forms in her follopian tube) and that is why her pain is soo severe.  Or, she could be experiencing a miscarriage.  I had a natural miscarriage in March of this year and had severe pain with no bleeding for 2 days.  My cervix was closed and was told everything was just fine.  Eventually, I began bleeding and had the miscarriage.  So, if she were my girlfriend, I would be putting her in the car and taking her to the ER.  Just a thought...
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if the pain is that bad and is not subsiding, then she needs to go to the ER.  like msgorgeous said, there is nothing you can do to stop a miscarriage.  i had 2 of them, i wish there was something but there isnt.  but the safe thing to do is to get to the hospital so that an ultrasound can be done to assure it is not eptopic because if you think she might be 8 weeks along, then that is about the time that eptopic pains develop and it a tube burts that can be very serious, so she needs  to be checked out.
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I agree with the ER!  IF she has an ectopic pregnancy which is causing the pains, it could be LIFE THREATENING!  Please go to the ER!
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The pain has subsided now but is still present, what can I make of that? Thank you and god bless.
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I was pregnant in my tube an I had pain like that... I lost my left tube because I didn't go to the dr. fast enough.  I was told by my dr that any pain that last over 6 seconds in the first part of pregnancy is not normal.  I would be safe an get checked.  Good luck.
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Hmmm, this post is all very confusing, as I also followed your last post from the 20 under forum.  There you had no mention of approx how far along she was?!?  And it seems you are now concerned of a m/c, where on the other post you were hoping she wasnt pregnant since the two of you didnt have sex.  All of this is questionable?!?!  So to answer your last post on the 20 forums if she is 8 weeks preggo the baby is not yours...but yes follow what others have suggested, take her to the ER.
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i am also confused i just posted on the 20 and under forum and there was no mention of weeks or anyhting like that nad concerns that you were not the father due to not having sex with her, maybe you should post again to get us up to date, and as babyscience said the baby is not yours if she is 8 weeks.
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Thank you all, I didn't really think about the exact time when I posted.  She has not gone to the doctor yet so that 8 weeks was just me giving a bad guess.  Thank yu and god bless.
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hi there i was also following your post in the 20's and under and am confused is she definatly pregnant now has it been confirmed as you wasnt sure she was pregnant at all in the other post these pains could just be period pains how long has she been haveing them when was her last period? and also like babyscience said wasnt you hopeing she wasnt pregnant or have you veiws changed now, i really hope everything is ok for you and your girlfriend and things work out
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