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Is it safe to take a microbiology class while pregnant?

I am taking a microbiology class starting next week. The microbiology class has a lab component. My partner and I are trying to conceive, and I hope to be pregnant by October. This will be the middle of the semester. My OB says to use "Universal Precautions" in lab, and I should be fine. I'm seeking a second opinion to ease my mind. Is there any reason I should postpone a pregnancy while taking a microbiology class/lab? Also, has anyone taken microbiology while pregnant, and what kind of precautions did you take? Gloves, gown, mask, goggles, etc?
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those kinds of supplies are used in middle schools, so i'm sure they'll have them available in college ;)

if your ob says that it's ok, i'm sure it is....afterall if he thought there'd be something you'd be exposed to, he'd nix it....you can always find out your schedule in advance and see if there's anything questionable, and ask him specifically about certain required labs....
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There were two preggo girls in my class.  In the lab you are given gowns gloves etc. most of the stuff you use will be a weak strain of something, or like one expeirment we did was, we swabed the lab table, someones face, the girls bathroom doorknob and put in in incabeter to see if something would grow.  You would be fine, a preggo woman working in hospital or nursing home has a greater risk of getting something and they tell them to use universal precautions.  You will be fine as long as you dont eat the experiements:)
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There will always be those items available in any lab. I don't think taking microbiology should be a problem at all. There are microbiologists and chemists who get pregnant and continue to work. Using the precautions is important.

Also, unless something is toxic when breathed in, you should be fine. Just protect your skin so it doesn't absorb anything (anything you touch can be absorbed into your skin and blood and passed through placenta).

I love science! Have FUN in the class!!!
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I had several student in my Microbiology class that don't practice safe lab techniques and got sick. These microbes in a typical micro class are not weak strains the just are most likely not as pathogenic as others. The problem is when somebodies immune system is compermised due to HIV, of drug use. The pregnacy will also make the woman more succeptible to infection so be careful. In the front of your micro book it tells you to inform the instructor if you are pregnant. I have a Ph.D in Micro and i don't deliver babies, thats out side of my expertise but protect yourself, please.
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