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Is it too early to show?

As some of you ladies know I am not a tiny person but I am not huge either. But I am starting to show already at 9 weeks and I was wondering if that was too early with my first baby? The nurse said I may just be bloated and look like I am showing or it may be twins becuase that runs in both my DH and my family on both sides in both our generations. Dont get me wrong I am happy I am pregnant but I really cant handle twins. Could someone please give me some advice? I will know next week whats going on but I am a little worried till then.
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well generally with your first pregnancy your uterus won't peek over the pubic/pelvic bone until about 11wks. I know some people can have a larger/more flexible uterus so it is possible...and with successive pregnancies you generally show earlier..but most likely at this point the dr is right that it's either bloat or twins. don't worry about handling twins, you can do it if it's in the cards for you!!!!

they will be able to tell the location of the top of your uterus on u/s, or by palpating your abdomen...they should be able to tell you where it's at if you really want to know. but hey, as far as I'm concerned, bloat is a part of the baby belly too....so technically you're "showing" ;).
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Thanks. I know I can handle it if thats really whats going on but I really dont have the finaces to handle two babies. I just hope when I go in for the first ultrasound next Friday they will tell me there is only one little baby in there. We will see.
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with my 1st i began showing quite clearly at about 8 weeks and it WASNT bloating as it only got bigger!although thankfully a bit slower than the 1st initial bump appeared!lol!and i only had one baby although he did come out at 9lb 11oz on his due date!lol!i was also a nice trim size 10(UK)!
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Tiffiepooh there are programs to help moms with multiples around here, I don't know about there...but I started showing at about 9wks and I was convinced I was going to have twins too. It WAS my uterus (which is how I know you can show early) although it's my second baby....but the doctor felt the top of my uterus and said it crowned the pubic bone early...which is why I say to ask the doctor to palpate your abdomen if you really want ot know and they can tell you, but I would say just go ahead and say you're showing and enjoy it because who's going to prove you wrong? hehe :)

anyway my point is that I looked into a lot of programs on twins and there are a lot of financial assistance programs that *I* found around here....so if it turns out you are having twins, just start looking and asking...

don't stress out sweetie, you worked so hard for this...just enjoy it <3
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I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins!!!  I knew at 5 weeks that I was having twins and my belly just popped out and let me tell you it gets bigger by the day - LOL  This also my second pregnancy - so I knew I was gonna show sooner this time around anyway.
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I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins and I feel like I show at the end of the day, but when I get up in the morning, it's like it goes back down. Is this normal? Is it me actually showing or is it from what I eat during the day? My babies were right on track at my last appt, which was 10 weeks. Should I be worried?
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Alli - The same thing happens to me, and happened for all my pregnancies!  It's the bloating and stuff that's doing it.  When you first wake up there isn't as much in you so you probably aren't AS bloated as later in the day.  I don't think you need to be worried at all!
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I wonder why I am not showing then? It scares me into thinking something is wrong with the growth of the twins. I don't have another appt until the 15th and then on the 17th with the high risk dr. I'm just worried.
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Everyone is different. I'm sure your twins are fine. But, you could phone your doctor if you'd like to have an ultrasound just to check that the babies' sizes are normal.

I am almost 4 months pregnant and not showing!!!! I've seen my baby in an u/s, heard the HB.......but still not showing. This is my first baby. I would like to be showing but hey.......I'm saving money on maternity clothes right? lol
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IT's still early to show, and everyone show's at different times.  From what I heard body type and how strong your belly mussels are make the biggest difference.  If you have strong belly mussels the'll hold it in.  Also, If this is your first pregnancy, even with twins you'll show later than those who have had a previous pregnancy.  With my first (single child), I didn't show till the 20 week mark, and even then it was just a small amount.  

My guess is in a week or two you'll start showing more!
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I have heard the same thing about abdomen muscles. If they are tight then it will take longer for the belly to expand. The uterus, also, since it's the first time in use to grow a baby is also not very elastic......I lack better words. I hope uterus elasticity is a common term lol

I am just glad I don't have to buy bigger clothes yet lol...
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im currently 9 weeks and already showing...its my 5th preg so im not surprised by this at all...i do know im bloated too and by the end of the day that hurts....i havent started wearing maternity yet but in another month im sure i will be if i keep growing at this rate :)
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At 9 weeks your uterus is grapefruit size so its pushing your insides out, so its not really the baby showing but its from the baby. I just started seeing the actual baby poking out. Really exciting!!
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Thank you all! It helps put my mind at ease. I guess I will just wait until my appt and go from there.
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ali83 - don't worry i am 13 weeks today and i am the same way and i had an ultrasound yesterday and the babies are fine.
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I am a personal trainer and very fit person with a very tight core (abdominal muscles.  I am pregnant with number 4 and am showing a little at 8 weeks.  How tight your ab muscles are has nothing to do with it.  Most of the time what you are experiencing is a bit of bloating.  Everyone is different and show at different rates.  Often thinner girls will show before heavier girls
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