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Is there anything I should know about BC options while breastfeeding?

I have my 6 week checkup with my GP today - can't believe how quickly these first few weeks have gone by!

I'm still spotting, which I'm going to ask about - following my first pregnancy, I bled for about 4 weeks and then stopped altogether - and didn't start back up again until I'd completely weaned DS at 6 months of age....my periods started back up again, like clockwork, within a month of weaning.

Last time, I didn't go on any BC because DH and I were sure we'd want another child.  Now that we're sure we're done, I feel more comfortable going on something (a pill, probably) and we plan to use condoms as well - until DH gets the snip snip done in a few months ;-)  

Any information or advice that anyone can share?  I don't really know what my options are in terms of BCPs since I'm currently breastfeeding and plan to continue for the next 6 months....

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you can go on micronor it is the mini-pill and is compatible with breastfeeding. it has progestrone only, so it won't effect how much milk you have1 stay away from anythign with estrogen in it as that will effect how much milk you have i was on the mini-pill after my first and second child with my second I ended up having to change BC to a regular pill and my milk dried up and I had to stop breastfeeding! you could also do a diaphram or and IUD, but the min-pill is the BC you want if you like the pills. Good luck!
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My Dr. put me on BC pills that were ok to take while breastfeeding.  I'm sure your ob knows what to give you but there are quite a few options.
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My dr put me on the regular BC pill and it killed my supply, I was SO pissed.  I switched to the Mini-pill and that worked great.  The mini pill needs to be taken at the same time every day (shouldn't be more than an hour or two off each day).  If the pill isn't for you, then make sure there either progestrone only or non-hormone BC.

Your dr should know what's good for breastfeeding, however not all seem to, so make sure you ask if it's progestrone only or no hormone.  Even if it's low-hormone of both it still can effect your supply.  Also, a few women I talked to online mentioned that the mini-pill did effect there supply.  After talking to Lactation Consultant they said that the mini-pill works for most, however it has effected a small number of women's milk supply.

Also, Breastfeeding is not a reliable source of Birth Control (as some may try to tell you), you never know when your cycle will come back, some women can feed every 2 hours and express a lot of milk and still get there period.  If your supply ever decreases for any reason (like getting sick) then you risk getting your period as well.
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Thanks, ladies!

My doctor prescribed Micronor. I'm going to fill the prescription tonight. I've done some reading up on this pill, and I gather it's not as effective as a "traditional" pill, so DH and I are going to take additional precautions.  

I definitely do understand that breastfeeding, even exclusively, doesn't mean that I can't get pregnant....We just didn't use anything other than condoms in the 2.5 years between having our first son and conceiving our second because we were certain we wanted another child.  Now we know that we're done.  Of course, sometimes things work out differently....but this is the plan for now, anyways!
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