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Is there anything.???

Im currently 37 weeks. I went in to my baby doctor appointment at 35 weeks to have my cervixs checked, unfortunately I wasn't even dilated any, all she said was that I was soft ( she was the nurse practitioner ). I was mad cause I was trying to ask questions and she was still steadily headed out the door.!! They told me to come back in two weeks which is will be this Wednesday.!! I'm going to ask if they will do the membrane sweep... I was wondering if anybody eer had it done and it did it help or not.!!?? Also have another question as well about asking about being induced and if they will how does that work or how many weeks they do it before you due date or if its days and not weeks.!!??
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I would see what the Doctor says, but most inductions end up in c-section.  I would really do some more research and give your body a chance to do what it is made to! You should start seeing your doctor weekly and I would recommend waiting another week to see if your body is progressing naturally.  
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I did have my membranes swept with my second- it didn't help.  She was a week late.  

I do know that not all doctors will do the membrane sweep and it depends on the doctor when they will induce.  Where I go now, that's not really an option unless they have cause to believe that something is wrong with the baby.  I knew another girl who went some where else whose doctor induced her at 38 weeks because she wanted her husband there and he couldn't be there after that.  I'd personally recommend not thinking about induction before the due date though- your due date is an estimate and can be off- it's important to make sure baby is ready.  Although, there are certainly times when an induction is medically needed, so it's best to field that question to your doctor- hopefully they will be more willing to answer when you see them next!  :(  If you have a concern though- don't hesitate to call into the doctor so they can answer your questions- sometimes they get busy, but remember they are there for just that reason!  

Best of luck to you as you near the end of your pregnancy!
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Yes I've been having weekly appointments. Im currently 38 weeks today. I have another appointment this wednesday. I wasn't dilated any last week or the week before that when I was 36 weeks so they couldn't do the sweep.  He did say that he wasnt going to let me go over 41 weeks though. I did loose alot of my muscus plug though the other day so hopefully I'm atarting to head in the right direction
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I had a sweep work 3 out of 4 babies worked with in 1-2 days BUT... in order for it to be effective you have to have a lot of sex with both of you o'ing, especially right after procedure. it thins cervix and brings on contractions. After sex go for a walk and sit on an exercise ball
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A doctor will not induce you unless it is deemed medically necessary (dangerous situation or 2 weeks past due date)
I had my membranes swept twice with my daughter... It didn't help at all... Just HURT
My first child I was induced with a week before his due date due to complications and both baby and I nearly died.

Please research and think about why it is you really can't wait while weighing your risks...
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My doc induces at 39 weeks if you want but doesn't push it. I was induced with my first due to no fluid at 36+5 I had cervidil at 3pm pitocine started at 630 and my daughter was born at 630 the next morning. My next one I was scheduled to be induced on Mon went into labor on my own on Thurs it was about 10 hours start to finish. I'm currently 36+5 and am scheduled to be induced at 39 weeks if I make it. I think it's nice to know that I won't go further then that and can kinda plan for it. Especially with 2 young kids at home.
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