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Is this a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or normal pregnancy?

Hi.  I’m 28 and wondering if I’m having a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or normal pregnancy.  The following is a timeline of things that have been going on.

April 15th:  First day of my last period.

May 17th:  I begin lightly bleeding brown blood and tissue.  The brown bleeding continues, without pain, for 8 days and then turns red on May 24th.  

May 22:  I test positive for pregnancy and continue to bleed brown with tissue.

May 23:  I see a doctor because of the bleeding, and she tells me it’s a miscarriage.  I take a blood test and my hcg level is 967.

May 24:  I get a vaginal ultrasound.  The doctor finds nothing in my uterus and tells me I have had a complete miscarriage and that I was probably 2-3 weeks pregnant.  Later that day, I start bleeding a moderate amount of bright red blood along with clots and some tissue that looks like nothing I’ve seen before (like gum when it’s stretched out).  

May 25:  I get another blood test.  That night, I have moderate cramps and lower back pain.  

May 26:  Today, the cramps and back pain are gone.  However, I continue to bleed bright red blood.  The bleeding is light to moderate, and there is no tissue.  I also have sharp shooting pains in my vagina and pelvic area.  The pain is worse when standing, walking, and right when I sit down.  When I sit down, it feels like knives are going up my vagina.  The pain is moderate.  The doctor called and said the results of yesterday’s blood test are positive for pregnancy, and that my hcg levels are higher than they were at my first test.  She said the fetus (or whatever) is still viable, and that I’m probably only 1-2 weeks pregnant (and that’s why they couldn’t see anything at the ultrasound).  However, she’s worried about an ectopic pregnancy and said to come in for a blood test in a few days.  She keeps saying that this isn’t a normal pregnancy, and that I’m either miscarrying or having an ectopic pregnancy.


1.  Why does the doctor insist that this isn’t a normal pregnancy, if the ultrasound was too early to find a baby and my hcg levels increased?  Is it because I’m bleeding?

2.  Is it possible to bleed a light to moderate amount of brown and then red blood with tissue for 10+ days and still have a normal pregnancy?

3.  Are moderate sharp shooting pains normal during miscarriage?  Ectopic pregnancy?  Normal pregnancy?

4.  If I had a complete miscarriage (as diagnosed on 5/24), then why did I continue to bleed tissue after the ultrasound and still continue to bleed today?

I need answers!!!  The wait is killing me.  Thank you so much for your help.
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Hi. I think your doc is not sure herself. I have had several miscarriages and just had a ectopic pregnancy on Tuesday.  Believe me doctors and the medical profession don't know how to explain things properly in these situations. I know  that if you were only 1-2 weeks your scan would never pick it up but your hcg level if it's over 1250 then it would. Have you had your hcg repeated every 48hours? If its doubled and they still can't see a baby in the uterus then it could be ectopic. The only way to confirm us to have tests done. You should go to Accident and emergency tell them everything that's happened and then they should help you. You may have to be admitted to hospital but that is good so you can get all the tests and get all the help properly. x
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To me it sounds like a miscarriage because once u start bleeding red blood with cramps and tissue passing,  that's usually a miscarriages.  But if your levels are going up then that means you are still pregnant.  1-2weeks pregnant wont show anything on the u/s but if your getting blood work done and ur levels keep rising then you are not losing the baby.  Im not sure about ectopic pregnancy never had one. But something seems strange.  Sorry this wasn't to helpful but I would go to the ER.  If you are pregnant then there might be something they can do to help.  Goodluck with everything!
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Bleeding is not uncommon for pregnant women, but the tissue is usually a sign of miscarriage. I almost wonder if you have a vanishing twin.
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I bled both in miscarriages and with ectopic. My hcg levels were going up and up in ectipic preg they said its called a live ectopic when the baby is getting bigger but in the wrong place tube and it will rupture soon. I had cramps both with miscarriage and ectopic and at this stage you can't be certain. You should really go to hospital.
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Mamabear might be onto something, you could have conceived twins and have just lost one. you need to continue to have your hcg levels monitored.
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The twin thing is exactlty popped in my mind too. May be why doc is scratching her head at this as well and just didn't think of it.
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