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Is this normal procedure?

I went in for my second timester ultrasound, and tech could not get good measurements on some of the things she was looking for. The baby wouldn't turn over for her either. She told me the heart rate was good and the measurements she did take were good also. She told me that I would have to come back for another u/s to get better measurements. On my next OB appt. two weeks later, the doctor told me all the measurements the nurse took were good, but she couldn't get a couple. Apparently, I was told, this could be due to the babys positioning in my uterus. When I went to check out, the woman told me I was scheduled for my next regular OB appt in four weeks and an ultrasound, meeting with genetics counsellor and doctor all in one day. Now, I called to see why I would be scheduled for gen counselling and if there was something wrong, but they never said for dure if there was anything wrong. The only thing they told me was that the tech couldn't see the diaphragm of the baby.
Is scheduling genetic counselling normal if they don't know if anything's wrong?
If there were something wong with my baby's diaphragm, what could it possibly be?
being a first time mom, and 18 years old, I am very worried!
All of your advice will help!
Thank you,
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I suspect you may have a good maternal instinct.  It may be, and I am only guessing, that your baby has a diaphragmatic hernia.  If I were you, I would get my boyfriend/husband and mom/support person all together and meet with the doctor and not wait 4 weeks.  

It is VERY common to have someone come back for more measurements and another ultrasound, but the genetic counseling part sounds suspicious to me too.  I would answer your question honestly if I were your doctor.  You should take some other family members with you too to help ask questions and understand the answers.

Good luck!
I hope I am wrong about the diaphragmatic hernia, but feel you do deserve the answer to your questions.

Dr B

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