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Is this related to first trimester pregnancy?

Does a women Vagina get wider? and feels Numb during Intercourse in her first trimester? And what is that Growl as if you are starving but you are not hungry cause you just ate? what is that does any one with experience know? thank you
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i am experiencing the growl!  i am only just over 4 weeks and i think my teeny tiny baby is a piggy!  my belly tells me to eat all of the time!  my stomach is constantly growling even after i eat.  i didn't expect this so early in the pregnancy.  i have heard that about the vagina, but i haven't noticed a difference in my yet.  my boobs are definitely growing and harder though...
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The vagina thing, I guess depends on the woman. I'm on my 3rd and never felt that, but know women who have, even major pain to the point they couldn't have sex at all (poor things) :)  The "growl" you guys are hearing and feeling, from what my doctor told me with my first one, is actually the baby moving. My doc told me that the butterfly feelings after eating, the growling and the "whoosh" feelings are the baby moving, and a lot of women tend to overeat when they feel the hunger pain, because they don't realize they're not hungry, it's just the baby.
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The growling is your stomach. Your organs are shifting and moving, even now, so your stomach is being pressed a little. You just need to eat small little snacks all throughout the day. At this stage it is not your baby moving. Your baby is less than an inch and can only wiggle.

Your vagina does change and probably will not redeem it's pre-pregnancy shape ever again. :-(
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i am constantly amazed by you!  you have so much insight!  i am sad to hear about the vagina thing...  how exactly will it change?  can you give me your opinion on my post titled, "what are the most dangerous stages of pregnancy?"  

i am just loving all of the weird things going on with my body!
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The vagina becomes a lot more flax (lazy, for lack of better word). It's like stretching a brand new rubber band as far as it will go. It doesn't ever go back to it's original "tight" state. Also, your vagina becomes a little swollen as more blood is being pumped through your body (which is why some preg. women LOVE sex). Because it becomes swollen and there's more blood flow in the veins, your vagina will also take on a purplish hue.

A doctor can suspect pregnancy based on how the vagina looks! Obviously, only a test or ultrasound can determine for SURE.

Just do your KEGELS! That's all I can say. Kegels are tightening the vagina muscles. That'll help your vagina stay tighter (though it honestly won't go back to your youthful 'gina again).
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