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Just a question..

Hey ladies, first off its Danielle72007, I don't know what is going on with My Medhelp, it won't let me log in or send me new passwords so I have had to make well this is number 3.. but anyway, back to my question...
I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow and am feeling pretty good.. I haven't really gotten sick for a couple weeks now, every now and then I'll feel nauseated but other than that nothing..which is good.  I haven't had to go to the bathroom as much, but I have been having more cramping than I had been having.. is this normal at this point?? I know they say you're symptoms seem to go away a little when you hit the second trimester but I'm more concerned about the cramping.. they aren't constant, or doubling me over in pain.. they're just there.. is this from my uterus growing to make room for my baby?? My last appointment went great and the baby was fine, so I'm just waiting for my next appointment.. well anyway, what do you think?
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NONE of my symptoms have went away yet. If anything, I just have more. It does sound like your uterus just expanding - I had cramps again around that week too...then again around week 16.  I found drinking gatorade (for the electrolytes) and laying on the side it hurt worse on to really help. I don't know if your cramps are in a generalized area, but mine wer all over the place. You can also try a warm rag. Congrats on week 14! Welcome to the 2nd trimester!
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I shouldn't say they've gone away.. I mean I'm still getting up and down at night to use the bathroom but its just not as frequent... I've been experiencing more headaches than normal and I feel lightheaded and dizzy more.. and no the cramping is not in a general area, they're pretty much just here and there..
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You and I both are 14 weeks...I haven't really had a lot of cramping, just a pain or weird feeling here and there...then again my uterus and ligaments have been stretched and retracted so many times it's not wonder....it's like a rubber band that's been used over and over...it tends to lose it's resistance LOL.  I have been getting more headaches...some that are dull and last...others that are sharp and fleeting.   How long ago was your last appt and when is your next?
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My last appointment was on Jan 29th at which I heard the baby's heartbeat on the doppler and the dr said everything was fine.., and my next is on Feb 26th..he said he doesn't anticipate problems.. I guess I'm just new to everything and that miscarriage worked one over on me.. I shouldn't really say cramping.. its more of what you're describing, just kind of a wierd feeling, it feels more like a tug I suppose.. now that I think about it.
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Congrats girl and I'm happy for you although I wish I was in your shoes *sighs*
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Thank you and I'm sure you'll be in this same place soon!! Goodluck to you!
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