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Just a winge

My friend has a 6month old baby boy. He's a good sleeper, he sleeps from 11pm wakes at 4am for a bottle, back to sleep by 4.30am and doesn't wake again til around 10am. My friend always complains about never having time to do anything but she only gets out of bed when her son wakes.. I think if she got out of bed at 9am that would give her an extra hour to get some things done but she thinks she's too tired. Mind you her son is not one of those babies who needs attention all of the time. He rarely cries, only when he is hungry or he has messed. He is happy to play with his toys and watch cartoons. And while he does this she just sits around doing nothing. It annoys me so much because she thinks she has no time to do anything but if she got things done while he played or napped she could get so much done! It's not because of him, it's because she is lazy and uses him as an excuse not to do anything!

And another thing is Im pregnant and she sits there telling me all this stuff about being pregnant and everything and most of the stuff she says to me isn't even right! She thinks she knows everything because she was pregnant before me!

Sorry for the long rant, just needed to get it out :)
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I know exactly what you mean! I have friends who do the same thing. I have two kids ages 2 and 1 and I'm 32 weeks pregnant and my kitchen gets cleaned living room and bedrooms cleaned vacuumed and dusted and beds made and my floors swept and mopped and bathrooms cleaned and laundry done, nearly every day. Yeah my kids are older but actually that makes it harder cause they get into everything! AND its ALWAYS been that way and my oldest was a demanding baby. Women just like to use their kids as a crutch! Its aggravating!
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Sounds like some people I know lol
My sis in law is a stay at home mom and doesn't do anything at home. She has 2 girls, ages 1 and 2, I know lil ones can be a handful,  but even before she had them she was lazy and didn't do crap. She's home all day, how can she not have the house clean. She has a dishwasher but she's too lazy to put the dishes in it, so her sink is always full of dirty dishes, on both sides! Then she'd do laundry, but was too lazy to fold them or hang them up so she has piles of clothes in her bedroom. And the toilets are so gross. I don't think she ever cleans them, they have black rings around the inside of the bowl and it looks like mold in there too. I use to live with them and use to clean up after them, but I got sick of it. I would only clean my room and bathroom cus I was hardly there and felt I shouldn't clean up after a slob who doesn't do nothing while me and my brother was at work, but I would give in and clean the kitchen, living room and the babies rooms cus I'm a neat freak lol. Its irritating, I feel bad for my brother now cus I'm not there to clean up their mess. They always tell me they miss me living there cus she says "I can never get the house as clean as you use to"
And now that I'm pregnant,  she tries to tell me what to do and how to give advice on how to raise my baby when he's born. She don't even know how to take care of hers, how is she gonna tell me how to take care of mine. Her girls always had rashes on their butts cus she would wait so long to change their diapers, she would never burp them and she lets them cry in the room for at least 20 minutes by themselves before going in there to see what's wrong. && then my 2 year old neice was gone for like 10 minutes because she wasn't paying attention to her and she walked to the neighbors house and was playing in the lake. She came over to my house cus we live a few houses down from each other now, and she asks me to help look for her. I was like wtf. How are you gonna live on a lake and not pay attention to your daughter when she can easily drown if she falls in.
Anyways sorry for my rant lol
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That is funny cause that sounds like me other than i did get my stuff done but it would take all day(i never complained about it tho) then my daughter started getting up really early and it was like a light bulb went off and i had everything done before noon lol all i could think was this is how ppl get house work done... they dont sleep all day!  :) maybe she will realize some day that its easier to do stuff when baby doesnt move yet lol

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I can totally see your point...but as a mum who suffered from PND, I would always worry about someone who does very little and is still exhausted. I've been there and the hardest/worst part is that you never want to admit to anyone that you are struggling because you feel like a failure and that everyone else is coping better, behaving like nothing bothers you is a coping technique and telling others what to do is a self confidence boosting thing...she feels she maybe does know something and by telling you what to do it makes her feel better about herself as she probably has a lot of people telling her what to do and maybe has very little confidence. obviously you know your friend better than I do, but please have a look at signs which may well be a cry for help covered up with bravado and bluster. I hope that she is just lazy, but if she's not then she needs a lot of support from her pal :)
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