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Just imagine ..

Back in the days, before all advanced hospitals, machines and medicines were made, all those women had to go through birth without pain killers, had there poor vaginas torn to shreds whilst giving birth. I feel so lucky to be brought into such a technological advanced world hahaha!!
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Me to! Especially since I've had 2 kidney infections this pregnancy and they hurt so bad it feels like someone took a baseball bat to my back when I get em I'm so glad they have meds to help me get rid of this not only for the pain but also because the infection can harm my little guy
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Lol I had both my babes without any meds and I plan to have this one in a birthing center since hubby won't let me do it at home. I want to do it without the IVS and monitors strapped to me
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it is such a blessing! some women feel empowered by giving birth at home w/ no meds like women did generations ago. i personally feel that it's an unnecessary risk to deliver at home...we are blessed; take advantage! :)
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My husband said the same thing^^ that's why he doesn't want me delivering at home. I want to do it as unassisted as possible because there was nothing worse than being in labor and in pain and the nurses won't let you move won't let you sit up ugh I think laying down was what made my back labor so unbearable
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Is it extra to go to a birthing center or will insurance cover it?I want less interference as possible. Im not a fan of how modern medicine operates, its all about the $$$.
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it would probably depend upon your insurance. for example, my benefit booklet says the following:

"For purposes of this Plan, Hospital also includes Surgical Centers and Birthing Centers licensed by
the state in which it operates. Hospital does not include services provided in facilities operating as
residential treatment centers."
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Ashdub07 i completely agree with you!! I have back labor for 32 hrs plus hadent eatn for about 29 of them...i was miserable most of it....this time i want things alot different
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Yeah my insurance covers birthing centers and my new hospital is set up more like that where they interfere very minimally unless you request different or medically necessary.
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There were a lot more deaths that's for sure. I had blood clots in my uterus and woke up to blood everywhere cause I was bleeding out after I had my first. I had to get a blood transfusion so I would have if I was living in that time.
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