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Kidney Stone??!!??!! HELP PLEASE

I am 23w3d pregnant with a little girl ftm and I'm currently at the hospital in l&d I came in at 3pm today with horrible period like cramps no bleeding THANK GOD and it has been non stop all day so they did all these tests and came down to me having a kidney stone I'm so scared I never had one before and hear they really hurt have any of you ladies got one before and any advice?? Also they gave me a percocet I thought you couldn't take that while pregnant it was only 5mg perk and 325mg tylenol and said they wouldn't be giving it to me if it could hurt my baby I took it but now I'm freaking out??!!
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I have kidney stones. The only comfort I can offer you is that it doesnt last too long. Once you pass it its over. Ive heard they hurt worse than labor but from my experience they dont but it depends on the size of the stone. Dont worry lots of people have kidney stones. From now on you should drink a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade a day. It helps prevent and shrink stones
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I'm sorry girl :/ I had a kidney stone a few years ago and it was the worst pain of my life so I know how you feel! Mine took about 5 weeks to pass. It was small enough to were I could pass it on my own. Right before you pass it your pee hole will burn. I guess like your vagina area idk how else to describe it lol. And then it should come out shortly after. If its too big the may need to blast it which they do with a laser thing into little pieces. Hopefully this helps! Good luck hun and sorry you have to go thru this!
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I don't know about the kidney stone because I've never had one myself. However, I did go into the hospital with a crohns flare while pregnant and the doctor also gave me pain medication. When I asked about it he explained that the benifit out weighed the risk because of the stress that was on the baby from the pain. I've had doctors vists and check ups since and baby is very heathy and growing like crazy. Not sure if that helps at all but my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Within the last year i have passed 60 of them. Drink lots of water lemonade and cranberry juice take the percocet. It will help but really keeping the fluids in is the onlything that will make your pain go away faster, sorry hun. I know it hurts.
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I landed in the ER this morning with a gallbladder attack. I was offered Perocet and asked if it was okay. I didn't take it but I was told it's safe. I've had kidney stones before. The best advice I can give is the more you drink the faster you will pass it. Drink until you just can't put anymore in. The pain is a good sign that it is moving it's way out. Feel better soon!
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Percacet and vicoden are safe. I also have kidney stones.  I'm 25 wks and have had them since ten weeks. Its so painful. Sometimes mine take weeks to pass... make sure u drink a ton of water. Hope u feel better!! Also a heating pad helps. Every time I have an attack I end up in l & d cuz it causes me to cramp. Drs always say its better to treat the pain than too have the body stress from being in pain cuz that does affect baby
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Thabk you everyone I really appreciate all the advice and prayers I'm so thankful to have you ladys idk what I'd do without you all it feels good to talk to others that have been through the same thing♥ I have only one they said and I'm not sure how long I have to stay in here but the urologist comes in within 24hrs ill know more then and keep everyone updated I just hope it passes fast I'm so nervous and scared right now it still feels like I ha e a horrible period ugh:'( but my lil girl is safe and that's all I care about♥♥♥♥♥
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