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Kidney stones and medication

I am 14 weeks Pregnant and have a kidney stone. I am taking dilauldid and am very concerned about my unborn child. I am told there is nothing I can do for the stone excpet take the medication.
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Percocet is safer during pregnancy.  You may want to consider switching to percocet.  Also, drink lots and lots of water.  This will help you pass the stone sooner and prevent future stones.
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Bethunev is completely right...drinking a lot of water is your best friend right now. And honestly percocet and dilaudid both carry the same risks (although really the biggest risk is the  baby being born dependent and since you're only 14wks that's really not an issue unless you continue to have kidney stones throughout the pregnancy like I did with my firstborn). But truly pain medicine under the care of a doctor can be done quite safely. The bigger concern is your kidney function while you're. Make sure and report any pain that breaks through the meds, pee that is excessively bloody, or if you aren't peeing as much as usual despite increasing water intake. I had kidney stones throughout my pregnancy with my daughter and I ended up having to get surgery at 34wks to remove one. I had 1 or 2 small ones while pregnant with my son and was able to pass them without so much as a tylenol for the pain, whereas with my daughter I had to be hospitalized several times and receive pain medicine, as well as the surgery. She's now 2yrs and very healthy, happy, and bright. She's ahead of her peers in speech and aside from being a little bit of a spitfire as far as energy goes, she's an angel...and I was able to not take pain meds in the months leading up to her delivery so we had no dependence issues :-) (i actually passed several large stones post-surgery without pain meds because I was determined to deliver without my daughter having to go through withdrawals...it was agonizing, but worth it in my case...sometimes that's not possible though. hopefully,however, this will be an isolated incident and you won't have to worry about pain meds later in your pregnancy :-) ). My son is also very bright and healthy and happy..he's 5 months and as sweet as they come...I had to take pain meds while pregnant with him for different issues and he had no problems or withdrawals either, just to reassure you :-).

I wanted to add...I found the percocet to be 100% more effective than the dilaudid for pain management of kidney stones. even though the dilaudid is stronger...the percocet did much more for my pain...so it might be worth switching to that just on that merit alone :-).

do they have you on a preventative antibiotic? when is your next follow-up?

feel free to msg me if you ever have a question!
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Sorry I meant to say "the biggest concern is kidney function while you're passing the stone and antibiotics can help with that concern"....sorry, my brain's on vacation along with my body lol.

I had to have surgery to remove 2 large stones about 2 months ago and yikes...just remembering that fresh pain has me cringing for you. I hope you pass this stone quickly and with as little pain as possible!
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