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Kinda OT-Periods and 14 yo

I know there's probably a better forum to post this question on but I want ya'lls opinions.  My daughter had her first period at the beginning of August 2009, just after her 13th birthday.  In the past 16 months she has only had about 7 periods.  They are only coming every 2-3 months.  At first I figured it was just her cycle regulating itself but now I'm beginning to wonder if something else is going on.  I don't want to take her to a gyn and have her go through all that mess only to be told it's just hormone regulation.  What do you ladies think?  I know there are times when she says it feels and "smells" like she's going to start but doesn;t.  
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i would wait another couple of years, i have teenage step kids 1 who's cycles didn't really regulate until they were at least 16 and the other one got hers at 12 and still isn't regular and our gp has said to wait until they are older, due to not wanting to put them on the pill unless they are very heavy and long lasting periods.
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oh boy... it's hard to remember....  That was a LONG time ago!  

I think I got very few peroids my first year or so & I was 13 when I started too.  
Then when I was 15 they got soooo long & so heavy. I was having them VERY often too.  My mother did in fact take me to the obgyn.  I remember crying & being humilated.  (I was a pretty late bloomer)

Then I was put on a low dose birth control to regulate my peroids.  It did regulate, less cramps (do you remember those teenage peroid cramps??? mine were horrible) My skin looked fantastic!  The great skin did give me a lot more of much needed confidence.  I truly felt so much better.  

I was always a really "good" girl.  kinda scrawny, kinda shy & mousy...  The doctor gave me some trial pills in a brown paper bag, so other people wouldn't see them as I walked out. I remember thinking that I had some super cool secret that would just make the other lids heads spin if they found out I had birth control pills!  

funny how you think when you are a teenager.
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oh... I also had months where my body would go through all the motions of feeling like i was having a peroid, but nothing...  

Every once & awhile I still do that as an adult.

To clarify... I went on the pills when mine got heavy & frequent, but they may just make her feel better.
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Thanks ladies.  That's kind what I was thinking, that it's still too earlier to worry. I guess I just needed to hear someone else say it LOL.  I don't remember anything about my periods as a teenagers, just that I started them when I was 14.  So I couldn't go on what my experience was.  I've tried to get DD14 to keep track of her cycles and symptoms but she keeps forgetting to write it down.  I'm lucky she remembers her name most days LOL.  
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you might try have her regular Dr run a few blood test for any hormonal changes/ PCOS/ ect. there are quite a few test they can run without a full exam, on the other hand is'nt it recommended that teens see an gyn, once they start their cycle anyway?  I started my cycle at 11 and it was never irregular until I got pregnant (when I was 18) then it started beign somewhat irregular and I found out I have PCOS. good luck and I hope things work out for you and your daughter!
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I started mine a week before my 13th birthday and mine took years and years before they were "regular" to the point where I at least had one every month. It's really early to even consider testing for PCOS or any of those things. Many young girls don't have regular periods at the start. I believe that it's either at 18/21 or when they're sexually active that they need to start seeing a doctor (or so my midwife told me a few months ago) I wouldn't worry about it too much yet.
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