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So went to the doctor today, Found out that I am going to have to have a C-section. They checked my cervix but couldnt tell me if i was dilated or not, but she said that my cervix is already soft. So I went home and a couple hours later I had a bunch of discharge with blood in it, now it is just clear color. Then about an hour ago, i had taken a nap woke up and ended up puking and had bad diahrea. I heard diahrea and vomiting is a sign of labor?? anyone experience that before??
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The discharge and the other syptoms could be early labor, call your OB now to be sure.  Good luck
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Why did they say you need a cesarean? Is it medically necessary? It sounds like they swept your membranes without permission OR without telling you.

You had bloody show (mucous with blood in it). This means you'll most likely go into labor within a few days to a week. Again just an estimation; each woman is different.
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I had diarrhea when I started to go into labour. The check today may have started things. Just be aware of contractions etc and get in as soon as you think you are really in labour..
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They said c-section because she is breach. but i am only 35 weeks and 2 days, so there is still time for her to flip. i heard some flip at the last minute. I have not had any diahrea or bleeding again. just discharge. They said I would have spotting but, the blood was in and around the discharge. I have feel fine today, so Idk. I get contractions a lot after having sex sometimes it last's all day but they are never close together. My other daughter was 2 weeks early, so i will be perfectly fine if this one does come a couple weeks early lol
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You don't want baby to come early though. The longer they're in there the better it is for baby. Just because one was ok doesn't mean your other will be. Symptoms don't tell too much only because labour is different for all women. I didn't have anything but contractions right before I went into labour. And horrible back pain. Some women are sicker than a dog. My sister didn't even know she was in labour with hers. She had back pain, went to the hospital and was 6cm dilated. Good luck.
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My doctor said she will be fine as long as she makes it to 37 weeks and she said even babies at 35 weeks do good. She will come when she's ready to.. From what i heard is if you have your bloody show it could be anytime after that happens.. My first I did not experience any bleeding or my water breaking just really bad back pain and contractions that just got worse and worse. So this was really different. Either way I will be delivering a week early is what my doc said.
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Instead of gettting a c-section you can have them turn the baby. I had them do that with my first at 38 weeks when she was breech.
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oh i didnt know they could do that. I will say something to them about it at my nxt appointment. Thanks :)
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There is indeed. There are also a lot of methods you can try also that will encourage baby to move. (You can google them, or ask your doctor about them) It wouldn't hurt to try them and see what happens. Good luck.
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ive heard that ancupunture is fantastic for turning a baby, its always good to try everything! Good luck
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I went into labor at 35 weeks and after I was checked several times to see if I was progressing I had my bloody show. They didn't do a membrane sweep it was simply from being checked. I was in labor for 3 days, morning of day 3 my water broke. He will be 2 on Tuesday. He was perfectly fine at birth too! I'm sure your baby will be fine. Good luck with your new little one!
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Was it like a lot of blood?? or was it just mucus that had like tinged blood in it?? Mine had like streaks of blood. They told me it was probably my mucus plug or some of it when i was at the hospital today getting my stress test... And did he have any complications at 35 weeks???
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