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Left hip pain and VERY dry skin

Okay, just found out yesterday that I was preggo. I am a runner and ran about 24 miles last week. I was pushing a bit hard last Friday since I was trying to increase my endurance and mileage. (Until yesterday, I was training for a mini-marathon.) Ever since Saturday, I have had this awful pain in my left hip. It feels like it is in the bone itself. I read that laying on your left side is better for baby, but when I try to it just plain hurts. On top of that, my facial skin is soooo dry it is peeling. Anyone else experience this issues. I am 4 weeks and 5 days, it seems sort of early for hip pain, but the dry skin I don't know. I didn't have these symptoms with my first child.
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268356 tn?1236006204
Anyone with these problems?
268356 tn?1236006204
Replying so that someone will see this and hopefully answer.
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No havent heard of the dry skin complaint........Heard that pregnancy makes your skin greasy and spotty but not dry. As for the hip, not sure, i know that i have pain in my let side due to cysts on my ovarys, is it a dull ache or sharp pain?
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My skin is sooooo dry and it's horrible! I had perfect skin before I got pregnant - never broke out, never had dry skin, etc and now I seriously can't get rid of it. I've tried moisturizers, lotions, new soaps, make ups, etc and NOTHING does anything to it.

As for your hip, are you sure it's your hip or could it be your pelvic bone? Either way, it could be from you running or it could quite possibly be ligament pains. While laying on your left side does allow more blood flow to the uterus, I don't find it comfortable at all and even though I always fall asleep on my left side, I ALWAYS wake up on my right. Try sleeping tonight with a pillow between your knees. If that doesn't help, try a heat pack or a nice, relaxing bath. If not, there's always tylenol! Congrats and good luck!
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Thanks, it seems like now my right hip is beginning to ache a bit after sleeping last night. I am going to try the pillow thing though and see if that helps.
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This pregnancy has made my face real dry around my nose and cheek bones. I try not to use anything on it since most things irritae my skin at this time. I had to quit using my proactive. Most lotions seem to clog the pores. Thy washing your face in the shower with a mild soap and then rinse it off. After that lightly rub at the dry area. That will peel away the dry skin and you may not need a lotion. Don't rub too hard though...

As for the hip pain that can be from your running. I would talk to your Dr about that. Maybe he can set you up physical therapy....Then again the pillow might make the difference. Don't be afraid to lay on your right side. Switch side when it's bothering you. My hip didn't start hurting me until I was about 7 months w/ my last baby....Good luck and feel better
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my last pregnancy before i MC, i had very dry skin, it was like the baby was taking all the nutrients right out of my skin.  I used to have the lotion waiting on the sink for me right when i got out of the shower so i would not forgot it.

I am pregnant again and get strange pains, but none in my hips.  Mostly in my stomach and pelvic area
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when i was pregnant my hips and cartiledge didnt do what they were suppose to so i was in alot of pain in my right hip, once your farther along pain usually is worse and sounds like bone grinding against bone
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